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Corbett-877 #6

School's well underway and we are back on track! Sorry for the momentary disturbance. And for those who dropped a tip in the hat -- thank you. It's well appreciated. One cool thing about doing flashbacks in these episodes? It's actually really freaking easy to work out the timestamps for them. Hooray for the metric… Continue reading Corbett-877 #6

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Lovelace½ #13

As stated in the Labor Day post, this is one of the busiest two week periods we have in the business of academia. We've spent the summer prepping for students and faculty to return, but when they actually do return, things get amazingly crazy, amazingly fast. That's where we are now, for those playing along at home.… Continue reading Lovelace½ #13


It’s Labor Day in America! Also, Open Myth Call for the Autumn!

As I wrote above, it's labor day in America, which I'm actually spending working on my day job -- it's September, or as we call it in Academia, "the Apocalypse." So, in celebration of this day of rest, Corbett-877 is taking the day. He may show up later in the week, mind. I rather like this episode.… Continue reading It’s Labor Day in America! Also, Open Myth Call for the Autumn!

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Interviewing Trey #12

And here we are at the end of the week, and with any kind of luck at all, this post will actually appear on Friday. My old friend Jonathan Lennox thinks that a modern myth discussing the scheduling daemons that actually put the posts up at their appointed times is in order, to perhaps mollify said… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #12

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Lovelace½ #12

So. It's Wednesday, and that means it's Lovelace 1/2. This is an exceptionally busy time for me, day job wise. I work at a school -- for the record, not Brooks-Carillon. In fact, my school and Brooks-Carillon aren't that much alike, beyond a superficial similarity common to many private schools. However, we're gearing up for the start of… Continue reading Lovelace½ #12

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Interviewing Trey #11

Tuesday, and it's time to play catchup with Interviewing Trey. Which I hope was worth the wait, because in this episode.... Oh God, I don't know if I dare say it... no, wait. I must say it. In this episode... he actually interviews Trey! I know. Shocking. Here it is. Lovelace tomorrow, then more Trey on Friday.… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #11

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Corbett-877 #5

Hey hi, all! As a reminder, Interviewing Trey returns tomorrow at 9 am EDT, covering the phantom episode from last Friday. Then Lovelace 1/2 as we always expect on Wednesday, and then the next episode of Interviewing Trey on Friday. Got all that? Cool! But it's Monday right now, which means Corbett-877. One thing that's interesting about writing… Continue reading Corbett-877 #5