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Announcing Folio #2: Generations and Originals!

Even as Folio #1’s PDFs get finalized (relatively exacting work) and the Myth gets transcribed onto pressed clay tablets then digitized via OCR (perhaps somewhat inefficient) it makes sense to actually put out Folio #2’s content list for people before we make it to the end of June so they can make informed choices! In… Continue reading Announcing Folio #2: Generations and Originals!

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001JW: The Paragirl from West Littleton (Tease)

Even as Folio #1 gets assembled for PDFing, and the Myth gets ready for being put out... Folio #2 is rearing its head. Folio #2: Generations and Originals stakes out beginnings and expands our options a bit. This includes the next Justice Wing Banter Latte serial -- alongside Interviewing Trey and Vilify 5 (which is… Continue reading 001JW: The Paragirl from West Littleton (Tease)

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Justice Wing: Greyfalcon

I posted this Concept Art of second tier Justice Wing hero Greyfalcon over at the Patreon (with explanation of her uniform because blah blah blah along with some background details not here). On Twitter, I made mention that Greyfalcon isn’t “Black Canary,” but is enough of a pastiche that I wanted to do the ‘fishnets’ visual… Continue reading Justice Wing: Greyfalcon

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Let’s Gather Some Audience Information™!

Hey all! It's poll time! This is not "what Eric is working on next." Eric's writing a myth and editing a poem, then getting a datasheet out next. However, we've had a block of Banter Latte content come out over the course of Folio #1, and as we move into Folio #2 and beyond I… Continue reading Let’s Gather Some Audience Information™!

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The Home Front: Homecoming Part Four

At very long last, the fourth installment of "Homecoming." Interesting things when you're working on a story like this -- especially when there's a long break the way there was with "Homecoming." You evolve as a writer. The world you're writing in evolves and changes. Your priorities change. Your understanding changes. But when you return… Continue reading The Home Front: Homecoming Part Four

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The Home Front: Homecoming: For Those Who Came In Late

Previously in The Home Front and "Homecoming #1-4:" Decades before the Age of Heroic Intent, the first costumed heroes and super heroes began to appear. The first of these Mystery Men -- and also also the last -- was Knight City's Adrian Wainwright, AKA the Golden Swashbuckler, who began his career in 1923 and retired in… Continue reading The Home Front: Homecoming: For Those Who Came In Late

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Patchwork Worlds: Structuring an inter-related anthology

An interesting comment came up, regarding one of my beta stories on my Patreon. It was a short story -- not, perhaps, the most common thing I write these days (though there's a myth partially completed which would beg to differ) -- and the reader didn't care for it. It's not that he thought it… Continue reading Patchwork Worlds: Structuring an inter-related anthology

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023SG: The Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1

I'll mention, first off, that this was supposed to be Corbett-877. Liam's keeping his mouth shut, so instead... here you go! The very first 023SG post -- a whole new world. Which is a lie in at least two ways. The first way is simple. All the Mythic Heroes posts I did before? "The Home Front?" "Diamond in… Continue reading 023SG: The Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1

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“023SG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer” begins!

Banter Latte news! The first new Banter Latte serial begins today on Patreon for all Patrons and arrives tomorrow morning right here, free as a grouper. Why the first new Banter Latte serial? Because Corbett-877 told me to shut up and leave it alone, and I owed one last Banter Latte post not counting the Myth. So you… Continue reading “023SG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer” begins!

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Patreon: Debriefing Leather

As promised and finally here (on the Patreon for $5+) -- a short story that actually had the good manners to stick to being a short story. It's a faster read as a result. It's got a lot in it for shorter, though. (And it's not a short-short by any means.) Marco and the Bagmen… Continue reading Patreon: Debriefing Leather

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Patreon: The Last Week of Folio #1

It's been a busy week over on the Patreon. I tried my best not to spam everyone with updates -- that way lies madness and people disliking you -- but it makes sense to catch people up as well as keep folks abreast of what's coming up next here on Banter Latte. Folio #1 is… Continue reading Patreon: The Last Week of Folio #1

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Leather – a face detail

A fast shot of a smirking Leather, mostly to show off her piercings -- though looking at the shot, I realize we can see her right ear, which has a few, instead of the metalworks in her left ear. As this is one of her formal suits (for slinking around a base or captive heroes,… Continue reading Leather – a face detail