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Interviewing Trey #13

After a rather long way away, as we've discussed elsewhere... Interviewing Trey returns -- the second of these serials to be revived. As you'll recall, Todd Chapman's in a bit of a pickle, and I'm afraid his brining isn't over just yet. One aim I have, in the "explaining how villainy works" vein, is the differentiation… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #13

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Interviewing Trey: For Those Who Came In Late

In Interviewing Trey #1-12... Some years before, Todd Chapman had been a music journalist for Amplifier magazine. He was given the opportunity to interview a third tier, C-list supervillain named Leather -- an interview which went over the course of a week and served as a crash course in the economics of making a living at super villainy,… Continue reading Interviewing Trey: For Those Who Came In Late

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Interviewing Leather: Diverged in a Wood (Patreon)

As hoped for as of yesterday, the first beta of "Diverged in a Wood" is now up on Patreon. I hope people like it. As mentioned before,  "Diverged" is the story of Lora Layton, Leather's older sister... and what happens after the Amplifier magazine article "Interviewing Leather" is published and she realizes that her sister has some… Continue reading Interviewing Leather: Diverged in a Wood (Patreon)

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Progress Report: “Diverged in a Wood”

The next Patreon short story -- "Diverged in a Wood" -- is proceeding apace and on pace. This wasn't a story I expected to be writing, at least not now, but then it got loud in my head -- louder than "Being the Steve," which honestly surprises me. It's a long short story but a… Continue reading Progress Report: “Diverged in a Wood”

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Patreon Folio #1 Progress Report

So! It makes sense to keep everyone up to date with Folio #1! Both where everything's as expected and where we're course-correcting! Wordcount: 40,000 words minimum + Myth bonus. Currently: 52,500. "Cannon's" first beta went very long, which I'm personally fine with. I'm going to still fill out the rest of the Folio. Bystander Level:… Continue reading Patreon Folio #1 Progress Report

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Lovelace½ #14

And now, the return of Lovelace½. Years of bicycling finally pays off. Andi must have the best toned legs of any 15 year old in the State by now. Part Two picks up right where Part One left off, with Andi biking away from Brooks-Carillon Academy and essentially everyone she knows in America... as well as… Continue reading Lovelace½ #14


Lovelace½: For Those Who Came In Late

In Part One of Lovelace½... Andrea Gannett-Moore was a Freshman at Brooks-Carillon Academy in the outskirts of Brunswick, Maine. Born in London, Gannett-Moore — generally mistaken as just ‘Gannett’ or ‘Moore’ much to her consternation — had spent her life in boarding schools, her parents being distant and cold to her. As she got older, those… Continue reading Lovelace½: For Those Who Came In Late

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Second Betas, or “We Have Always Been at War with Eastasia”

Part of Folio #1 is the second Beta of the actual "Interviewing Leather" novella, which raises an interesting point about the writing process. When I first wrote "Interviewing Leather..." it was 2007. My intentions for Justice Wing were very different than they have become over time. In fact, "Cannon," posted in first beta over the… Continue reading Second Betas, or “We Have Always Been at War with Eastasia”

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“Like a Shot from a Cannon” beta up at Patreon

Hey all! Interviewing Leather and Patreon news! So, I started writing the first short story for Patreon. Once that was finished, I'd move on to the first Banter Latte tagged content, then another short story, and so on. The story was a prequel to "Interviewing Leather" the novella, about the last days of Dynamo Girl. I… Continue reading “Like a Shot from a Cannon” beta up at Patreon

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“Oh, you have a high speed camera?”

In working out concept art for Dynamo Girl (with explanations et al) for the Patreon... well, this just sort of happened. It's actually very much Deej's combat style -- she's entirely happy to lead with a double snap kick added to flinging herself across an open space. Also, she's... well, delighted. Dynamo Girl was generally… Continue reading “Oh, you have a high speed camera?”


The Mythology of the Modern World Returns!

Over at the Patreon (which no, I won't shut up about because... um... because!) we've crossed over into Goal 6 territory, which means that Folios will now include a new entry of The Mythology of the Modern World  as bonus content. (Bonus meaning that the Myth post will not count against the total wordcount of the Folio -- it's… Continue reading The Mythology of the Modern World Returns!