Mandy Shapiro on the Phone
Justice Wing

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #5

This entry is part 5 of 14 in the series Forebears

Mandy snorted. “West? Do you know why they pull cops with a personal stake off cases? It’s because they have a personal stake. That throws them off. You know that. You must know that. You know better than to—”

“Than to what, Shapiro? Than to bend or break the rules in the name of justice? What the Hell do you think Vortex was doing out there? Huh? What the Hell do you think Nightstick or Foolhardy or even the Beacon do in their cities? So tell me why I have to just live with my son in a cemetery and play by rules that don’t apply to Holland or anyone like him! Huh? When’s it my turn to get to take the short cut?”

Mandy looked at West. “Never,” she said, simply. “It’s never your turn.“