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News: Double… no wait, TRIPLE Pentad Day!

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Preamble Above, News Below!

If you’re in a TL;DR state of mind, feel free to skip down to the news below!

As I mentioned last week, it’s May the Fifth — and while everyone knows May the Fourth is one of the biggest days of the pop culture year, as someone who’s entire life became dominated by the concept of the Pentad dating all the way back to — no joke — 1993? I’m pretty psyched about today being <s>Double</s> Pentad Day–

Wait… why does double have a strikethrough? It’s May the fifth. 5/5. That’s two Pentads. Why…

…wait a second… it’s May 5, 2021. 2+0+2+1…

Holy crap, it’s Triple Pentad Day! And man did I have plans…

And then, of course, life happened, and I lost two writing and development days in a row. So… crap.

Why? Nothing that bears repeating.

Still, that means everything’s behind schedule, and there’s not much to be done for it — especially since my day job continues to… you know… exist, and has to take precedent.

So, Interviewing Trey #23 (23? 2+3=5? Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhh?) didn’t get posted yesterday, and I haven’t posted either Meet the Pentad #2 or various special Pentadish events today. Yet. Such is life. We move on.

Though… part of that moving on? Means Banter Latte Triple Pentad Day is still a go! Er, beyond this news post. So let’s move on to the news, shall we?

The News!

The Omnipedia: Dominating the World of Fact!

First off… today we’re officially launching the Omnipedia! For those who don’t know, Omnipedia, in ⎇001JW, is a user-created-and-edited encyclopedia. Which… is to say it’s Wikipedia, but in another universe. There are differences: for one thing, it launched several years earlier (though remember, time is weird in the Justice Wing universe). For another thing, while users create and edit Omnipedia, the content is also curated by a nonpartisan committee made up of digital intellects. These digital intellects work in concert but also check each others’ work in an effort to eliminate bias. (And yes, a digital intellect is certainly capable of bias.)

In our universe, the Omnipedia is going to be Banter Latte’s one-stop shop for additional information about stories, cast lists, terminology, and stuff like that. But… there’s always a certain problem with having that kind of more comprehensive cast list entry (for example) in a story universe that covers decades — what would be common knowledge in the In Nadir Era might be a spoiler for people who’re reading a story set in the Emergence Era.

To that end, Omnipedia entries are going to be Spoiler Aware and Era Aware. For example, in one entry being released today, you’ll see the following entries:

In one, you see a spoiler box mid-entry that needs to be clicked because it includes information that hasn’t yet been published. In another, you see ‘accordion’ style entries for each of the different eras. This is true both for the character’s powers and their history. In a third, you see an expanded entry that has another spoiler block inside it, for information that isn’t necessary for the general history but goes into additional depth. It’s up to you how many spoilers you want.

Oh, and I’m burying the lede. The first entry (only the first, but with a lot more coming tonight) is up, and it’s everybody’s favorite curmudgeon, Antonym! The rest of the Pentad will (hopefully) all go up today, because… it’s Triple Pentad Day! I mean, duh.

Context Tips

You may have noticed a couple of the words in the previous block were purple and underlined. That’s because they have contextual tooltips assigned to them. Go on, click one! It should (whether on computer, phone, or tablet) pop up a brief explanation of the term. So, yeah. That happened too!

So yeah. Triple Pentad Day is a go… even if it’s a bit delayed. Please enjoy the terrifying synchronicity.

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2 thoughts on “News: Double… no wait, TRIPLE Pentad Day!”

  1. ….One wonders how they got some of that information. I suppose if the Omnipedia entries date from In Nadir +20 or +30, maybe most of that is public record, but….

    1. I acknowledge the oddity, but I use the Omnipedia name more as homage than not. It’s actually not a bad idea to add an in-universe section to explain what people on that side know (though it would need to be segmented off by Era as well.)

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