Weekend: Sound off!

We’re still in beta, so there aren’t that many people reading this yet. Here’s where I’d give you a topic and you’d sound off, for those playing along at home. And because I suck, it’s going out on Sunday. So if you’re reading this on Monday, feel free to sound off anyway.

So this will be an open thread. Go ahead and sound off — say hello! Subscribe to the comments thread if you like. Say something cheerful!

One note — you will need to register to comment. And the first time you comment your comment will need moderation-approval. After that, you’re open unless you act like a jerk. So, you know. Don’t!


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21 thoughts on “Weekend: Sound off!”

  1. I think your comments are awesome, much cooler than mine. But then, I’m trying to hold off another 6 months until I do yet another full rewrite of the design.

    Cheerful… cheerful… my brother and I just bought my baby sister (who, having graduated high school two weeks ago isn’t really a baby anymore) a Macbook and thus scored her a student discount, free nano, and free printer as her graduation present. She’s cheerful, and we are as well πŸ™‚

    And the weather here outside of Philly is gorgeous – I hope you’re getting the same up there in the great white north. πŸ™‚

  2. Colored comment boxes are awesome!

    I wish my posts were a different color when I was doing mod stuff on the forums I moderate. That would make me feel all specialer and cooler.

  3. Silly Fade Manley! Don’t you realize that it’s not the shininess of your background color that makes you special? It’s the POWER OF YOUR HEART.

    Well, and your game-design skills. Power of your heart and game-designing. Yeah.

  4. Hello!

    Say, Eric, any plans to do something with the Recluse story? That was really well done, and it would be a shame for it to be gone.

  5. Re: to “Man, how do lawyers write these things all day, anyway?” on password request page:

    According to Matt Milby my various and sundry reputable sources, large amounts of alcohol.

    Anyway, have you checked Kirabug’s automatic comment preview yet? Dunno if it’ll fit your theme, but it seems pretty cool….

  6. Hey! Just got here from your post over on Websnark. I’ve been devouring it so far. But I was a little irritated – Getting the registration email actually took more time than requesting, and receiving a password change. (Seriously, I received my email from registering almost half an hour after my lost password email went through)

  7. I, too, had no problems with my registration. I followed the link from Websnark last night, and I’ve loved everything I’ve read. I’ve usually skipped fiction posted on Websnark, probably because it wasn’t what I was there to read, but I’m glad I came here. Looking forward to reading more Eric Burns.

  8. Y’know, it’s the little things on this site that let you know it’s Burns’.

    My favorite is “Howdy, [username].”

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