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“Like a Shot from a Cannon” teaser

This is something I posted to Twitter in the runup to the relaunch -- just a fast teaser. This is one of the pieces that's going to go in Interviewing Leather: An Anthology of Perspective. I really like fleshing out the difference between what Leather remembers happening (and her 'complicated' feelings about it) and what actually happened. I… Continue reading “Like a Shot from a Cannon” teaser

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Justice Wing: Interviewing Leather — the Arrival Page

So we had a migration one day, and this is where we ended up... and all kinds of navigation had to be left behind -- and this was one of them. But you don't care. You just want the Arrival Page for Interviewing Leather. For whatever reason, the paid version of WordPress hates redirecting pages,… Continue reading Justice Wing: Interviewing Leather — the Arrival Page

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Interviewing Trey #2

Part two of Interviewing Trey, and the first part where we really get to know the Jack O'Knaves. For those who've read Interviewing Leather, there's one significant difference that will become apparent in this post. Leather was a thief, pure and simple. She didn't just avoid killing, she went out of her way to not… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #2