Evan Shapiro
Justice Wing

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #14

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“Because you’re not vain?”

“I’m simply not vain about my appearance. I’m still quite possibly the most arrogant human being you’ve ever met.”

“I dunno. I knew Colin Church before he died.”

Evan snorted. “Did you, now?”

“What does that mean?”

“Not much. But I won the only competition we ever had quite handily. He never quite forgave me for that.”

“You. Knew Colin Church.”

“Your father called me the smartest man he’d ever met, earlier today. He sent you to Riverside instead of Middlebury specifically so you could take classes from me. And you’re here now because I asked him to send you. Is it so unreasonable to think I might have met his employer at some point?”

Evan Shapiro
Justice Wing

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #13

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“Our daughter Loredana is a parahuman, Evan. She chose to bluesuit. That’s fine. She gets to do that… for now, anyway. But the things we’re hammering out in those meetings… Evan, it’s not about Justice Wing or super heroes or even what happened in Europe or all the dead people. It’s about terrified prosahumans and what they might do out of fear, and every bit of it is pointed square at Danni. So no, Evan. There is no realistic alternative. I will die ten times in agony before I allow my daughter to spend the rest of her life hiding from her government and neighbors.” She took a slightly ragged breath. “So. Are there any questions, or have I made myself clear?”

Evan Shapiro
Justice Wing

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #12

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“…okay, that’s dark. Dad… are you sure you’ve recovered enough to travel?” “I wasn’t physically injured, Tip.” “Yeah, well, Albescu didn’t take a swing for me for almost six years and didn’t connect when he did but I still have nightmares. You’re the one who told me PTSD was a thing, remember?”

Evan Shapiro
Justice Wing

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #11 (Book 2: Evan #1)

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He turned and begin writing on the board. “The Seelie Court, Elphyne, Tír na nóg, Avalon, Mag Mell, Emain Ablach, Álfheimr, Ryūgū-jō – all different names for different realms, each of which having some claim on being the true Fairyland, barring nomenclature or cultural differences… and all realms Sprite has literally visited. They are contradictory realms and yet they coexist.” Evan turned back around. “Reality, it seems, can withstand a few contradictions.”

Mandy Shapiro on the Phone
Justice Wing

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #3

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"You know what, counselor? A lot of the public sees criminals or villains get off scot free after wanton destruction, and they don’t think ‘gosh, I’m glad they got a zealous defense.’ They think ‘Wow. Everyone’s corrupt and the system’s broken and our only hope are vigilante superheroes because the police and the courts and the prisons are all useless.’ How’s that helping your client?”

“Tell me if I’m crazy, but are you rebutting my request that you do your job better by telling me to stop doing my job so well? Because that’s what it sounds like, and gotta say? Not really in my nature to suck on purpose."

Mandy Shapiro on the Phone
Justice Wing, Serial, Superhero

⎇001JW Justice Wing: Forebears #1

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“You people defend super villains. Criminals. World conquerors. Mass murderers. And you expect me to just let you walk in here—”

“We ‘people?’ Interesting phrasing, Detective Corporal. I’ll assume you mean ‘lawyers.’ And yes, my firm specializes in parahuman criminal defense, because some police officers and district attorneys forget that parahumans get the same rights every other criminal gets. Like — just to throw out an example? The right to a zealous defense. Not all police officers, of course. Not even most. Just some.

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⎇001JW Justice Wing Emergence: RTV Closeup on the Pentad of Guardians #1

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RTW – Rock the World Television! – and RTV NEWS presents RTV News Closeup: The Pentad of Guardians! Meet Empire City's newest heroes and learn their secret origins! (Transcript.)

Justice Wing, Screenplay, Short Story, Superhero

⎇001JW Becoming Leather: Sports One’s Coverage of the Olympic Trials

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Sometimes you see Evvie’s scars from back in the day – and from the way she gets treated by her peers even to some degree today. I once asked her why she always hung out with us, instead of people her own age. “I don’t like girls my own age,” she said. I asked why not. And she answered “because they don’t like me.” —Dawn Watari