Apocalypse Agenda

This is a disambiguation page for Apocalypse Agenda. This could refer to:

  • Apocalypse Agenda (Era): One of the four basic eras of Justice Wing’s Age of Heroes, representing the ‘Crisis’ company crossover events of comics.
  • Justice Wing: Apocalypse Agenda (Imprint/Series): A collective imprint or prefix for the Justice Wing stories set during the Apocalypse Agenda’s Era.
  • The Apocalypse Agenda (Multiversal Recurrence): The common name for a specific series of interrelated historical events seen in various forms in many of the different alternate universes of milliverse ↀJW, with the events in ⎇001JW being the best known.
  • The Apocalypse Agenda (Historical Event): The in-universe name for the series of events connected to the mad god Urizen’s attempt to destroy all of Actuality.
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