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“Like a Shot from a Cannon” teaser

This is something I posted to Twitter in the runup to the relaunch -- just a fast teaser. This is one of the pieces that's going to go in Interviewing Leather: An Anthology of Perspective. I really like fleshing out the difference between what Leather remembers happening (and her 'complicated' feelings about it) and what actually happened. I… Continue reading “Like a Shot from a Cannon” teaser

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Theftworld Unused Prologue

This is a prologue I wrote for Theftworld, a novel in progress in my "Imperial Space" setting. Most of the chapters of Theftworld are going to be locked, as it's a draft with an eye to publication, but after I got well into the novel proper I decided I neither needed nor wanted the prologue… Continue reading Theftworld Unused Prologue