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July Status Update

Just to keep folks up to date, here’s what’s in the fire, for both here and on the Patreon. We’ve gotten some momentum back and I’d like to keep that up if possible.

Over on the Patreon, we’ve posted ⎇001JW: Kitten House Rules, by Todd Chapman. In response to a number of requests over the years, we get to see Chapman profile an actual musical act — in this case the Cheshire Kittens, oft mentioned in other Justice Wing materials. It’s been well received there and is undergoing revisions now, but at full novella length (31,350 words) it’s a serious chunk of writing. It also features the return of Todd Chapman to the pages of Amplifier magazine after a decade-or-so, when the culture surrounding him is quite different.

On the docket? Interviewing Trey, the next Homecoming post, an experimental rewrite of one of my later Superguy writings remade into ⎇023SG to give everyone a feel for the changes, the next Tailor’s Honor, the next Lovelace½, and more.

And, as the picture at the head of this post attests, the next Justice Wing: Emergence.

Finally, I’m actively working on three projects for the delayed Interviewing Leather anthology: “Kid Sister,” “Invitational,” and an expansion of “Page View Review” to reflect more current… things.

I find myself occasionally considering an Indygogo or the like for A) the final editing and production on the Interviewing Leather anthology, or B) funding the upgrade of Banter-Latte to a full business account on WordPress so I can add plugins — most notably one of several options to add a Wiki to Banter-Latte which I can use as a growing glossary and cast list for these different worlds. I dunno, though. We’ll see.

Finally, I need to carve some time out for final editing and refinement for a number of Amazon and Smashwords books and elements, to get that long tail stretching out.

Thanks, all!


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