State of the Eric, with bonus picture of The Lady

The Lady Topbar
The Lady Awe-Inspiring. bigger version available

So first off, here’s a render I did a little while ago. It depicts the worst of the Superguy supervillains I ever created (worst in terms of evil — I think she’s actually a decent character), name of Lady Awe-Inspiring. I figure if I’m going to post something there might as well be something to look at at the same time.

It is almost the end of October. Which is just stunning to me, but this is how school years go. We get into August, we put our heads down, and then suddenly you’re coming up on Halloween. This is why I suspended the Patreon, of course. I could tell that usable text wasn’t going to happen — it lasted longer than I expected, admittedly, but this is a recurring thing. That was the whole point of the Folio system to begin with.
So this particular post is to say a few quick things. To summarize:
  • I am still alive.
  • I am about to gear back up into production mode.
  • I will not be re-enabling the Patreon until after the November billing cycle.
  • I have some pictures and stuff to share.
This year was more intense than most. We had a lot of administrative and faculty turnover (just the natural retirement or job search cycle) which meant a lot of institutional knowledge left the building, which in turn means stuff’s just more chaotic than usual. We also had a pretty tragic circumstance right at the start of the school year, and I’ve had a health issue or two.
During this time, I kept sane by doing 3D rendering and some obscure worldbuilding. I can work on a piece like the above and have it be soothing when my brain’s going two hundred miles an hour, whereas writing Lovelace½ accelerates my brain instead of calming it down. (This is a good thing.) I may actually share a bunch of the worldbuilding with Patreon folks — it was detailing an alternate future timeline for my Superguy/Mythic stuff, leading to the Lady Awe-Inspiring becoming a dynasty. I’ve got twenty-two descendants crowding through my brain now, relatively obsessively. And what the heck — everyone needs to do a grand Space Colonization and Empire sequence at some point. Why shouldn’t mine have a doofy inheritable title and super-intelligent women driving it?
But you’re not here for that. You’re here for… well, all that other stuff. So, here’s the plan:
  • I am working on backlog now, so that starting November 1 we will get regular content in both the Patreon feed and Banter Latte.
  • I am specifically working to put out Banter Latte content to begin with – getting the Leather and somesuch done is a priority, but getting the public-facing stuff back up and running is very important.
  • I’m getting that essay-writing urge. We’ll see.
  • I am doing a ‘modified Nanowrimo’ this year, wherein my goal is 50,000 words of output on my projects, not a new project that’s 50,000 words long… even if the Ladies Awe-Inspiring would rather I do the latter so I can actually put them out there.
  • My health is a potential — stress potential — issue that may impact things. If so, I won’t charge in November either of course.
  • PDFs should be going out to Patreon folks end of this week or middle of next.
That’s where we are. I hope everyone here’s doing well.
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