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⎇001JW Becoming Leather: Sports One’s Coverage of the Olympic Trials

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Sometimes you see Evvie’s scars from back in the day – and from the way she gets treated by her peers even to some degree today. I once asked her why she always hung out with us, instead of people her own age. “I don’t like girls my own age,” she said. I asked why not. And she answered “because they don’t like me.” —Dawn Watari

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⎇001JW: Amplifier Asks: Cheshire Kittens

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As part of the special double-issue profiling the Cheshire Kittens -- and representing Todd Chapman's return to Amplifier as a writer -- Amplifier asked the Kittens a few questions about their favorite songs across their career. Amplifier Asks!™ The Cheshire Kittens: Your Favorites G-Listening (Lead Singer, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar) Of All the Songs You’ve Written, What Are… Continue reading ⎇001JW: Amplifier Asks: Cheshire Kittens

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⎇001JW: The Cheshire Kittens Discography

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As we head closer to actual content returning from Summer Vacation (otherwise known as Summer-Work-Massive-Not-Vacation), here's a couple of things from the Patreon connected to the Cheshire Kittens. First up -- a discography! As of this writing, the Cheshire Kittens have had twelve albums, two live albums (one a double-album) and one box set compilation.… Continue reading ⎇001JW: The Cheshire Kittens Discography

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001JW: The Paragirl from West Littleton (Tease)

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Even as Folio #1 gets assembled for PDFing, and the Myth gets ready for being put out... Folio #2 is rearing its head. Folio #2: Generations and Originals stakes out beginnings and expands our options a bit. This includes the next Justice Wing Banter Latte serial -- alongside Interviewing Trey and Vilify 5 (which is… Continue reading 001JW: The Paragirl from West Littleton (Tease)

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Justice Wing: Legacies of the Past

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So, every so often things don't work out quite as you expected them to. That's not too surprising at this point. When you're a writer, sometimes the stories take unexpected turns. Which is what happened to me this time. You see, I finished the Prosperina myth, and figured I was going back into normal production.… Continue reading Justice Wing: Legacies of the Past

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⎇001JW In Nadir Vignettes: Judge Naught Month’s Promo

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Only then I discover this cur has telepathically leached off my pain and aesthetic might in an effort of purest chicanery!

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⎇001JW: Justice Wing Vignettes: Resignation

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“Public? What possible good would it do me to go public? The public knows you’re scum, but you’re Vice-President anyway. They don't care. So what would I do? Go to the Police? Or the FBI? Or my old friends at the CIA? Why? What could – what would any of them do? No no. I wouldn’t go public.

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⎇001JW Defining Leather: Punching Down

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Tad Gilstone was riding high. He was a popular comedian, talk show and quiz show host, and television producer whose career was in high gear. Sure, people like his road buddy Sutton Sheldon didn't much like the way he treated his girlfriends, and maybe he was ever so slightly incapable of giving a crap about anyone else, but those are survival techniques in show business. But, when some old garbage got churned back up and some kid hero he once mocked on his show Page View Review got national attention for her villain career... a career that could be traced right back to Gilstone's show, Tad Gilstone knew he needed damage control.

It's the comedy game, after all. Nobody cares, until you get caught punching down. But the questions remain... who's he apologizing to? And for that matter, will Leather take it the right way... or take offense?

Content warning: gaslighting, misogynistic behavior, extreme language, and feces.

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“Justice Wing: A Wake” Teaser: “Two Sisters in the Dark” free for all on the Patreon!

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We're not dead and we're not gone, though Eric's recovery continues so, you know, that. BUT! We've been working diligently behind the scenes and have something to show for it!