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Administrative: An important administrative detail that needs to be explicit.

I just posted an important, if entirely administrative – and honestly, absolutely obvious set of details about my writing here and elsewhere up on the Patreon, free for the reading. I'll embed a PDF here, but if there should be a revision on the Patreon version, the Patreon version is to be considered correct unless… Continue reading Administrative: An important administrative detail that needs to be explicit.

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Notes and annotations: Sports One Coverage of the Olympic Trials (Patreon Exclusive!)

Below is a sneak peek of this content!

Sports One Coverage Annotations It's the notes for the Sports One Coverage of Gymnastics America's Olympic Trials to determine the United States Gymnastics Team for the New Zealand Olympic Games! That's... a lot of words....

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⎇001JW: Amplifier Asks: Cheshire Kittens

This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series Justice Wing Vignettes

As part of the special double-issue profiling the Cheshire Kittens -- and representing Todd Chapman's return to Amplifier as a writer -- Amplifier asked the Kittens a few questions about their favorite songs across their career. Amplifier Asks!™ The Cheshire Kittens: Your Favorites G-Listening (Lead Singer, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar) Of All the Songs You’ve Written, What Are… Continue reading ⎇001JW: Amplifier Asks: Cheshire Kittens

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⎇001JW: The Cheshire Kittens Discography

This entry is part 4 of 10 in the series Justice Wing Vignettes

As we head closer to actual content returning from Summer Vacation (otherwise known as Summer-Work-Massive-Not-Vacation), here's a couple of things from the Patreon connected to the Cheshire Kittens. First up -- a discography! As of this writing, the Cheshire Kittens have had twelve albums, two live albums (one a double-album) and one box set compilation.… Continue reading ⎇001JW: The Cheshire Kittens Discography