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⎇001JW Defining Leather: Punching Down

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Tad Gilstone was riding high. He was a popular comedian, talk show and quiz show host, and television producer whose career was in high gear. Sure, people like his road buddy Sutton Sheldon didn't much like the way he treated his girlfriends, and maybe he was ever so slightly incapable of giving a crap about anyone else, but those are survival techniques in show business. But, when some old garbage got churned back up and some kid hero he once mocked on his show Page View Review got national attention for her villain career... a career that could be traced right back to Gilstone's show, Tad Gilstone knew he needed damage control.

It's the comedy game, after all. Nobody cares, until you get caught punching down. But the questions remain... who's he apologizing to? And for that matter, will Leather take it the right way... or take offense?

Content warning: gaslighting, misogynistic behavior, extreme language, and feces.

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Justice Wing: Emergence #1 on Patreon

Justice Wing: Emergence #1 is now up at Patreon in its first beta draft form. This is the first Patreon-to-Amazon specific ongoing serial, and it takes place at the dawn of the heroic era in the Justice Wing universe. I'm pretty happy to begin finally telling some of these stories, starting with the first arc… Continue reading Justice Wing: Emergence #1 on Patreon


Announcing Folio #2: Generations and Originals!

Even as Folio #1’s PDFs get finalized (relatively exacting work) and the Myth gets transcribed onto pressed clay tablets then digitized via OCR (perhaps somewhat inefficient) it makes sense to actually put out Folio #2’s content list for people before we make it to the end of June so they can make informed choices! In… Continue reading Announcing Folio #2: Generations and Originals!

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“023SG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer” begins!

Banter Latte news! The first new Banter Latte serial begins today on Patreon for all Patrons and arrives tomorrow morning right here, free as a grouper. Why the first new Banter Latte serial? Because Corbett-877 told me to shut up and leave it alone, and I owed one last Banter Latte post not counting the Myth. So you… Continue reading “023SG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer” begins!


The Mythology of the Modern World Returns!

Over at the Patreon (which no, I won't shut up about because... um... because!) we've crossed over into Goal 6 territory, which means that Folios will now include a new entry of The Mythology of the Modern World  as bonus content. (Bonus meaning that the Myth post will not count against the total wordcount of the Folio -- it's… Continue reading The Mythology of the Modern World Returns!


Administrative: Late Post Today

Hey all! I discovered a few problems with today's Lovelace, when I was actually pretty far out and about. I fixed some of them on the road (and screwed up in editing them, as some folks may have noticed). Unfortunately, I got back pretty darned late, so the actual post is going to be a little… Continue reading Administrative: Late Post Today