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“Justice Wing: A Wake” Teaser: “Two Sisters in the Dark” free for all on the Patreon!

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Justice Wing Vignettes

We’re not dead and we’re not gone, though Eric’s recovery continues so, you know, that. BUT! We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes and have something to show for it —free excerpt of the upcoming novel Justice Wing: A Wake now available on the Patreon!

In A Wake, the bewitching Beguile and the four active members of the Pentad of Guardians learn that Mandalora Hartley (aka former Pentad member Antonym as well as the closest thing Beguile had to a friend in high school) and her husband Dr. Evan Shapiro were dead. In fact, they learn that the pair died in an apparent car accident four months before they heard a thing… meaning none of Antonym’s former teammates in the Excelsiors, none of the Pentad, no one in Justice Wing, the press, and even Beguile herself even noticed it had happened… which was unlikely for most of them, but thanks to the nature of their bond and powers, theoretically impossible for the Pentad or Beguile.

Now, operating under a Pact, the archvillain and third-tier heroes investigate two deaths the police called accidental and the investigators call murder, while also searching for the missing daughters of the Shapiros… and for something inside themselves.

In this excerpt, Beguile returns to Grantham, Massachusetts and the sight of the former Justice Wing Institute for Parahuman Research so she can question Trudy (just Trudy), an unorthodox hero working for the Unimpeachable — and Beguile’s younger half-sister — who Beguile has every reason to suspect knows more than she’s saying.

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