Administrative: Late Post Today

Hey all!

I discovered a few problems with today’s Lovelace, when I was actually pretty far out and about. I fixed some of them on the road (and screwed up in editing them, as some folks may have noticed). Unfortunately, I got back pretty darned late, so the actual post is going to be a little later than usual, this morning.

Thanks for your patience!

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2 thoughts on “Administrative: Late Post Today”

  1. I was wondering about Andi’s ability the other night (and waiting for a new post to speculate on, so this delay notice is perfect for me).

    So she can solve quadratic equations, without being consciously aware of the processes.

    What would happen if she sat down and thought about Fermat’s Last Theorum? It’s true, and simple enough to explain to someone studying quadratic equations, but the only known proof involves far far higher level maths.

    Reminded me of rationalist!Harry Potter playing with a time turner.

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