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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather: Being the Steve #6

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“You change your circumstances, so you change your role. You wear a different face.” The Steve took a deep breath. “I do it all the time. Every time I head into the field, I’m somebody else.”

“I can’t imagine that,” the blond said. “Just… flipping like that.”

“Sure you can,” the Steve said. “When you call your grandmother, your whole attitude changes — you even get more of a southern accent.”

“Well… sure… but—“

“We all do it. Everyone does. I just… do it more completely. And every Cowl or Cape and every Crook who keeps a secret identity does it every day. The masks are external. The change is internal.”

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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather: Being the Steve #5

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"I know you don’t care. I know that. You’re a Crook — you don’t have to give a damn about my feelings but you’re always just—“ He shuddered again. “I know I’m fired. I don’t care. But I can’t — not today, okay? I just can’t play along today, all right?"

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⎇001JW: Interviewing Trey #19

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The lost episode of Interviewing Trey, just in time for new episodes to follow it! In rapid succession, Todd Chapman has found himself at a dead tear, been changed into formal-wear in an elevator, paraded in front of Dispater's Pit's villainous investors, met Beguile, re-met supervillain-hanger-on Moriarty James, offended Lady Violet, Decipher, and the other younger Dark Gods of Greystone, and been healed at the direction of the legendary, urbane, and very dangerous Buzzy Denis -- aka the Buzzard. Now, fresh off of being pulled aside by the Buzzard for a little chat, Todd Chapman is being brought back into the predators' den... knowing all too well the Jack O'Knaves will be making his appearance soon...

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⎇001JW: Interviewing Trey #17

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Two posts in two days. That likely won't last. Still -- if Interviewing Trey #16 was mostly setup, #17 is where things begin to happen.

The language is a little rougher than normal in this one, which came as a surprise to me. This one also begins to fill out the ⎇001JW villain roster, which honestly it's needed. We also have a limited edition villain pastiche collector's set rounded out, which is cool. I hope you enjoy it.

There's also a lot of description in this one. "What are you wearing" is just part of any major event on the social calendar, I guess.

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Patreon: Debriefing Leather

As promised and finally here (on the Patreon for $5+) -- a short story that actually had the good manners to stick to being a short story. It's a faster read as a result. It's got a lot in it for shorter, though. (And it's not a short-short by any means.) Marco and the Bagmen… Continue reading Patreon: Debriefing Leather