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⎇001JW Justice Wing 4P: The Economics of Crimefighting

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Free bonus chapter! This is a chapter set within Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect that didn't end up in the book proper but is both canonical and, more to the point, free for people to read! Set within the Emergence Era, we see our heroes Broadhead and Quiver – aka Dale Dodson and City Thatcher… Continue reading ⎇001JW Justice Wing 4P: The Economics of Crimefighting

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⎇001JW Novel now available – Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect

The first full length, history-spanning (all four eras!) Justice Wing novel is here!

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⎇001JW In Nadir: The Monologue #1

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Part of being a norm hero — prosahuman! they heard Cozy Wight correct in the back of her head — meant constant physical training to keep up with the parahumans she dealt with on both sides of the aisle. DETAILS called it ‘discipline’ based super powers, which always made Crosspointe imagine a bunch of super-Dommes. And, admittedly, Crosspointe never missed with a whip.

But then, Crosspointe never missed. It was kind of their thing.

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⎇001JW Art: Crosspointe

The hero called Crosspointe started off as the sidekick to Justice Wing's acerbic archer Broadhead during the Emergence era. "Broadhead and Quiver" were an effective team, though Broadhead's typical attitude grated on the young hero. Broadhead typically left Quiver at home, but they typically snuck out to follow. By the time of Halcyon Days, Quiver… Continue reading ⎇001JW Art: Crosspointe

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⎇001JW The Excelsiors: Reorientation

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Justice Wing Excelsiors: Orientation told the story of Mierra McCall arriving at the 'summer camp' that was her cover story for joining Empire City's Excelsiors. In the process, she met Delia Temple (the daughter to DETAILS Agent Lynette Hardesty), Conner Church (son to fellow Excelsior Colin 'The Cavalier' Church), and the rest of the charter class of the new Justice Wing Institute for Parahuman Studies. But, while Mierra was meeting the future of heroism, Lynette Hardesty and Colin Church had a discussion of their own -- one they had put off for a long time...

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⎇001JW The Excelsiors: Orientation

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It's several weeks after the events of Justice Wing: The Excelsiors Reaching Higher, and Mierra McCall -- aka the Rambunctious Rodent -- is on her way to the in-city summer camp Colin Church (aka the high flying Cavalier) set up for her to begin training and get her school life back on track. But where Mierra expected a computer coding camp at least as a cover story, instead she finds DETAILS Special Agent Lynette Hardesty, and a unique group of teenagers, including a rather strange young girl named Vortex, an oddly mature teenager named Cosette Wight, Colin Church's fourteen year old son, and her first step into another world. Oh, and Trudy. She also finds Trudy. The gateway to Justice Wing: Halcyon Days starts here.