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⎇001JW In Nadir Pentad of Guardians: Transposition #1

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Dedicated to Chris Meadows
Clear skies, hot jets, and good hunting, R_M.

Jetgirl stared. “Why are you being so blasé about all this? I mean, these people are in danger and if she’s taking everyone hostage to find some lost sprocket I can’t imagine we should let her find it.”

“It’s bad form to leap into local affairs uninvited,” Hearth replied, lightly. “And they’re looking for the 'Silver Spoke Cog,' not a sprocket.”

“I will wire you ten thousand dollars today if you can correctly define the difference between a cog and a sprocket, right here and right now, without looking it up on your phone first.”

“Well, I know Cogsworth sold cogs and Spacely sold sprockets on the Jetsons. How much is that worth?"

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⎇001JW Justice Wing Emergence: RTV Closeup on the Pentad of Guardians #1

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RTW – Rock the World Television! – and RTV NEWS presents RTV News Closeup: The Pentad of Guardians! Meet Empire City's newest heroes and learn their secret origins! (Transcript.)

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⎇001 Justice Wing: The Excelsiors – Reaching Higher

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After a lot of years, we finally go to Empire City, New York in the Justice Wing universe. For those who've wondered where the alleged Marvel influences on Justice Wing are... well, here you go.

For the record, this is a complete Novella. So... budget at least some time for reading it. And despite the header image? Amulet is only mentioned in the story. She doesn't appear.