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⎇001JW In Nadir Pentad of Guardians: Transposition #1

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Dedicated to Chris Meadows
Clear skies, hot jets, and good hunting, R_M.

Jetgirl stared. “Why are you being so blasé about all this? I mean, these people are in danger and if she’s taking everyone hostage to find some lost sprocket I can’t imagine we should let her find it.”

“It’s bad form to leap into local affairs uninvited,” Hearth replied, lightly. “And they’re looking for the 'Silver Spoke Cog,' not a sprocket.”

“I will wire you ten thousand dollars today if you can correctly define the difference between a cog and a sprocket, right here and right now, without looking it up on your phone first.”

“Well, I know Cogsworth sold cogs and Spacely sold sprockets on the Jetsons. How much is that worth?"