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Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Part 1 of RTW News Closeup: Pentad of Guardians

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That is a long title.

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12 thoughts on “Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Part 1 of RTW News Closeup: Pentad of Guardians”

  1. There is one particular difference between Topaz and She-Hulk. Specifically her job. Made me wonder if Danni was your She-Hulk actually.

    Huh. Ok, that’s handy. And now I’m imagining a supervillain getting all the college yearbooks from that period together and running their faces against the footage of the incident and being very frustrated when they come up empty, even when the computer is blinking at them with a 99% match.

    ……Gannett-Moore? Interesting. Do the last names signify marriages or something more unusual?

    Topaz is also awesome.

    I really do like Jetgirl. the world needs more awesome engineers.

    Given how abrasive Mandy can be, I’m a little surprised it took two weeks to get her and Nagini to make friends and not two semesters.

    …..wait, Evan was in the building for this event and “remained” a prosahuman? That’s ….that’s weird, is what it is.

    I feel like people would be less forgiving of Orgone if they were familiar with the history behind the word.

    …Ok, that excerpt you posted didn’t mention anything about a Dr. Giles, otherwise I think I would have twigged to it earlier. Though, to be fair to her, I doubt Beguile would have wanted to empower a group of people that end up regularly thwarting her plans.

    The thing to remember about villains is that they’re people and people are complicated. Calhoun is an AMERICAN Gangster.

    That said, in Beguile’s case, I suspect it’s more about finally proving that she’s better than them, about Winning the fight. Which you can’t actually do if someone, say, dies in a car accident or something.

    I still feel like the Doc should have been destroyed by liability lawsuits or something after the whole thing.

    1. Yes, well, I’m very well aware that incessantly bugging someone to continue a series doesn’t put the writer in a frame of mind to want to continue said series. I don’t want to mess with your frame of mind and I am legitimately enjoying everything you’re coming out with.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t want more Lovelace 1/2. Quite the opposite. Just that I don’t want to pester you about it.

      1. For which I’m very, very appreciative.

        Andi’s had more work done behind the scenes than it might appear. We’re doing a pretty heavy Deej push right now so we can get Deej into bookstores (at last). Andi’s on deck after that. Though, you know, stuff keeps jumping into my brain.

        1. Cool. Good to know.

          And I mean, I’d like for you to get Deej into bookstores. It’s a good set of stories and I’d like to buy your books.

          Goodness knows that stuff keeps jumping into my brain too.

          1. Anyway, based on those last names, it sounds like Jetgirl is the alternate universe version of Nicola Tesla and Andi Gannett-Moore. Or am I still reading that wrong?

      1. That helps. The other characters AKAs were pretty clearly nicknames, so it makes sense that some people would call Antonym’s civilian identity Mandelora and others Mandy depending on how they know one another. But if Timothy is Teeny’s dead name then presenting it as something in current use isn’t ideal. But it’s clearer now! I’m really looking forward to how this story progresses.

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