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⎇001JW Art: Crosspointe

The hero called Crosspointe started off as the sidekick to Justice Wing's acerbic archer Broadhead during the Emergence era. "Broadhead and Quiver" were an effective team, though Broadhead's typical attitude grated on the young hero. Broadhead typically left Quiver at home, but they typically snuck out to follow. By the time of Halcyon Days, Quiver… Continue reading ⎇001JW Art: Crosspointe

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Justice Wing: Greyfalcon

I posted this Concept Art of second tier Justice Wing hero Greyfalcon over at the Patreon (with explanation of her uniform because blah blah blah along with some background details not here). On Twitter, I made mention that Greyfalcon isn’t “Black Canary,” but is enough of a pastiche that I wanted to do the ‘fishnets’ visual… Continue reading Justice Wing: Greyfalcon

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Leather – a face detail

A fast shot of a smirking Leather, mostly to show off her piercings -- though looking at the shot, I realize we can see her right ear, which has a few, instead of the metalworks in her left ear. As this is one of her formal suits (for slinking around a base or captive heroes,… Continue reading Leather – a face detail

Justice Wing, Artwork

“Oh, you have a high speed camera?”

In working out concept art for Dynamo Girl (with explanations et al) for the Patreon... well, this just sort of happened. It's actually very much Deej's combat style -- she's entirely happy to lead with a double snap kick added to flinging herself across an open space. Also, she's... well, delighted. Dynamo Girl was generally… Continue reading “Oh, you have a high speed camera?”