Artwork, Justice Wing

Leather – a face detail

Leather Monologue Uniform
Leather en-smirk. Click on the picture to expand

A fast shot of a smirking Leather, mostly to show off her piercings — though looking at the shot, I realize we can see her right ear, which has a few, instead of the metalworks in her left ear. As this is one of her formal suits (for slinking around a base or captive heroes, monologuing) she’s also relatively heavily made up.

For the record, besides the two visible nose piercings and the relatively low labret piercing, Leather has about three piercings in her right ear — you can just barely see a hanging chain under her hair — and about nine hoops in her left. She doesn’t publicly comment on any other hardware.

This is a bit of a bonus, so I’m going to make it public because why not? A side-view pinup of the whole suit went up on the Patreon as well. (You need to be a patron at $5 to see it, for the record.)

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