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⎇001JW In Nadir: The Monologue #1

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Part of being a norm hero — prosahuman! they heard Cozy Wight correct in the back of her head — meant constant physical training to keep up with the parahumans she dealt with on both sides of the aisle. DETAILS called it ‘discipline’ based super powers, which always made Crosspointe imagine a bunch of super-Dommes. And, admittedly, Crosspointe never missed with a whip.

But then, Crosspointe never missed. It was kind of their thing.

Justice Wing

Interviewing Trey #3

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Welcome back... to Ghost Story. I'm Sebastian Cabot. Or something like that. We're well into Interviewing Trey, and so far folks seem to like it. I'll admit I was glad to get back to Todd Chapman. One thing I'm trying to do, for the record, is give some idea of how Chapman isn't quite the… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #3