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023SG: The Formation

As we stated in the teaser yesterday, today we begin the bridging 'meta' series between The Home Front -- the era of Mystery Men up through the second World War and its immediate aftermath (specifically capping around 1950, if this post is any judge, though "My White Plume" is a letter written in 1952, so take these… Continue reading 023SG: The Formation

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Teaser: Project Corrigendum – The Formation

If you happen to look at the Project Page for Mythic Heroes/023SG, you'll notice there's an imprint between The Home Front and The Age of Heroic Intent. That imprint is called Project Corrigendum, and it covers the period of time between the second world war and all its mystery men and wartime supers and the… Continue reading Teaser: Project Corrigendum – The Formation

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The Home Front: Homecoming Part Four

At very long last, the fourth installment of "Homecoming." Interesting things when you're working on a story like this -- especially when there's a long break the way there was with "Homecoming." You evolve as a writer. The world you're writing in evolves and changes. Your priorities change. Your understanding changes. But when you return… Continue reading The Home Front: Homecoming Part Four

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The Home Front: Homecoming: For Those Who Came In Late

Previously in The Home Front and "Homecoming #1-4:" Decades before the Age of Heroic Intent, the first costumed heroes and super heroes began to appear. The first of these Mystery Men -- and also also the last -- was Knight City's Adrian Wainwright, AKA the Golden Swashbuckler, who began his career in 1923 and retired in… Continue reading The Home Front: Homecoming: For Those Who Came In Late

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023SG: The Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1

I'll mention, first off, that this was supposed to be Corbett-877. Liam's keeping his mouth shut, so instead... here you go! The very first 023SG post -- a whole new world. Which is a lie in at least two ways. The first way is simple. All the Mythic Heroes posts I did before? "The Home Front?" "Diamond in… Continue reading 023SG: The Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1

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“023SG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer” begins!

Banter Latte news! The first new Banter Latte serial begins today on Patreon for all Patrons and arrives tomorrow morning right here, free as a grouper. Why the first new Banter Latte serial? Because Corbett-877 told me to shut up and leave it alone, and I owed one last Banter Latte post not counting the Myth. So you… Continue reading “023SG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer” begins!