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⎇001JW Becoming Leather: Greenhorn #4

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“Good attitude, kid! Tell you what! You lie down and put your hands on your head, and before we pack you up for the PATER team I’ll sign an autograph. Maybe even get a pic or two with you. That’s a deal, right?” “Oh, man I’m tempted, but c’mon.” Leather crouched a bit. “I’m faster… Continue reading ⎇001JW Becoming Leather: Greenhorn #4

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Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Greenhorn #1

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Notes, worldbuilding, behind-the-scences information, and cheerful explanations on stuff found in Becoming Leather: Greenhorn #1! PATREON EXCLUSIVE!!!

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⎇001JW Becoming Leather: Greenhorn #1

“That’s enough!” the officer processing Leather snapped. “Pipe down!” Leather snorted, then stared at the officer. “Did you just… did you just tell me to pipe down? Are… are we actually living in a Heinlein novel? You have to tell me if we’re living in a Heinlein novel or it’s entrapment. I know my rights.”

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Interviewing Trey #5

Friday shows up, and here we are ready for Part Five of Interviewing Trey. I hope everyone's feeling good. It's interesting to me what people latch onto, writing wise. I figured Trey would start to catch on and it has. I didn't know if Lovelace 1/2 would catch on or not, but it's getting something of a passionate… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #5