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Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Greenhorn #1

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Notes, worldbuilding, behind-the-scences information, and cheerful explanations on stuff found in Becoming Leather: Greenhorn #1! PATREON EXCLUSIVE!!!

This Patreon-exclusive bonus details notes, behind-the-scenes info, worldbuilding, and expanded information about the world of Justice Wing as it's seen in Greenhorn #1! If you're interested, joining at any tier will unlock access!

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1 thought on “Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Greenhorn #1”

  1. I really hope that at least one of the legal precedents that helped this whole thing become “normal” had M. H. Shapiro’s name on it somewhere. Because she deserves at least that much.

    I mentioned this before, but it would be interesting for your universe to have some kind of being that only existed retroactively or in people’s memories or something, with the practical upshot being that it could only “exist” in flashbacks and people discussing said being, but could never be “on screen” in the here and now. I think that’s gonna be my head-canon for the Silver Horseman from now on (possibly the “Horse” is a Nightmare or some other kind of dream entity and the whole being is as much a psychic phenomenon as anything else).

    ….No, I’m not sure how a psychic phenomenon managed to arrest Leather after a big super-fight either. I just know that’s what everyone remembers having happened.

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