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Interviewing Trey #2

Part two of Interviewing Trey, and the first part where we really get to know the Jack O'Knaves. For those who've read Interviewing Leather, there's one significant difference that will become apparent in this post. Leather was a thief, pure and simple. She didn't just avoid killing, she went out of her way to not… Continue reading Interviewing Trey #2


Prosperina: A Mythology of the Modern World Holiday Special

We have returned, with a special myth. It's also a long one, to warn -- though I don't think people will complain. Unless, of course, they do. People find the time to complain, sometimes. This is a holiday special, though the holiday in question is somewhat vague. I don't think we can call it Christmas,… Continue reading Prosperina: A Mythology of the Modern World Holiday Special


Why are there Suburbs?

And good morning... to you. Today's myth comes to us from "zeruslord" (who, I am given to understand, is Lord of Zerus, and there is no doubt one does not want to be on the bad side of the Lord of Zerus, so you'll understand if I answer the request, I trust. Mythologists have to… Continue reading Why are there Suburbs?

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The Shal Mari Blues: A fragment

We continue a week where work is being... well, workish. No complaints. The start of the year is going significantly better than I could have feared. Still, there is much to be done and not much time to work here. So, this is another incomplete story -- the first chapter of an extended fanfic I… Continue reading The Shal Mari Blues: A fragment


Dog Reincarnation

It's Monday and therefore the Myth. And the Myth is a thing that comes with a Monday. This week, we get our Myth from long time friend of the writing Kirabug, who asks us: Why does every small (15lb or less) dog I meet seem to think she’s 150lbs? Now, interestingly enough, there is a… Continue reading Dog Reincarnation


The Arrogant Writer and the Beached Mermaid

Welcome once again to the Myth of the Week. I've been putting together a list of myth requests from those folks what answered the last couple of open calls, to make sure I don't forget any of the ones I can answer (sadly, I don't always have the answer. I wish that I did.) What… Continue reading The Arrogant Writer and the Beached Mermaid

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Dreamers (a fragment)

This is a story fragment -- one I wrote in the mid 1990's. I assume. It's in my style. It's in my files. It's definitely one of mine from the Kinko's years. And I have absolutely no memory of it. It's not impossible it was something I discussed with my friend Mason Kramer, or perhaps… Continue reading Dreamers (a fragment)