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Administrative: An important administrative detail that needs to be explicit.

I just posted an important, if entirely administrative – and honestly, absolutely obvious set of details about my writing here and elsewhere up on the Patreon, free for the reading. I’ll embed a PDF here, but if there should be a revision on the Patreon version, the Patreon version is to be considered correct unless otherwise noted later. Danke, all.

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1 thought on “Administrative: An important administrative detail that needs to be explicit.”

  1. As I just said in Patreon comments, essentially: I love you, Eric. Thank you. I’ve got this. I’ve so got this. Moriarty James makes me a smidge nervous, of course, but I expect I can stare her down.

    Right now I’m wrangling a metric ton of paperwork and other stuff, plus my own ridiculous bag of mostly water. That said, stuff here and on the Patreon is absolutely on my radar. The next Forebears should be pretty straightforward to get out to you. I may polish the existing Omnipedia entries and Transposition stuff a bit in my downtime.

    (Because I really, really hope people ask about the plush kitsune in the header: this is a Sakura Queenie from the Floral Frolic plush collection. They’re independent artists really feeling the pinch of COVID’s impact on the anime convention circuit, and their stuff is phenomenal; please give them a look while you’re at it. Our kitsune plush would like you to know that they have no relationship to the Renegade Kitsune like Kit O’Six Tails or Molotov Fourtail, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.)

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