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⎇001JW In Nadir Vignettes: Judge Naught Month’s Promo

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Only then I discover this cur has telepathically leached off my pain and aesthetic might in an effort of purest chicanery!


Judge Naught Promo

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7 thoughts on “⎇001JW In Nadir Vignettes: Judge Naught Month’s Promo”

  1. It’s weird that I feel sympathy for the Void of All That Is, Nothingness Personified for having to deal with these people, right?

    1. ….How many times a month does Judge Naught threaten to go back to prison/a life of crime, instead of dealing with these people?

      1. He sometimes wonders aloud why he ever wanted to leave prison, but he never says anything about going back to crime. For one thing, he’s enough of a threat that if there was even a hint that he might backslide pretty much the whole planet would go to Blackwatch Plaid Alert.

  2. Also, it took me a bit to get the joke, but I do love the title and moniker.

    I also have to wonder…. I’m not really familiar with shows like Judge Judy. How much of it is playing stuff up for the camera vs. just…looking for weird/entertaining cases and getting them transferred to Judge Naught’s court? At least in this particular instance (I won’t ask you to speculate about Judge Judy and company).

    1. It’s all about playing stuff up for the camera. The cases being ‘tried’ are generally real and often were initially real small claims court cases. However, the two sides agree to a settlement on the original case and are both paid a fee. Any ‘judgement’ made by the judge is deducted from the loser’s fee and added to the winner’s fee.

      The archetype of the genre was The People’s Court. Then Judge Judy was the most successful of the shows that followed. In all of those, it’s not that the cases weren’t real — they were — but they were pushed over the top for entertainment value and drama and everyone’s in on the joke.

      1. ……And now I’m imagining some alien species that managed to get our TV signals but not the joke (ala Galaxy Quest) that wants to have some conflict of galactic stakes tried on Judge Naught, because they think he’s the most equitable of beings.

        …..Or would it be worse if they actually did get the joke and this case that sounds like it’s going to have galactic implications really is what they would use small claims court to settle? Like how Galactus really doesn’t see eating one planet as that big of a deal, sort of thing.

        1. I could see that happening either way — Judge Naught is legitimately a former U.S. Federal District Court Judge, and would actually be a good choice for a cosmic case like that, since his own nihilistic power is in that same league. By the same token, as much as they play up the entertainment aspects of the cases, Judge Naught does adjudicate them according to the applicable laws and his judgements are actually his, so it’s not quite a Galaxy Quest situation that way, at least.

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