A chunk of missing ceiling.

When the Ceiling Came Down, or “So how was *your* Easter?”

So hey, gang! This is a weird post to write, but it’s fundraiser time!

As the story says, over the weekend a pipe burst in the ceiling and flooded the apartment. The ceiling fell… er… on me (an interesting experience — and for the record, no concussion, but I do have bruised ribs and shoulder), and we’re getting everything out of the apartment so they get full access to the ceilings, tear them open, fix the pipes, repair any damages — all good stuff.

And for the record we are safe and have a roof over our heads.

But it’s the third time we’ve done this in a very short time, plus other stuff, and so it’s that time. Fundraiser time, I mean.

This is a zero pressure fundraiser, for the record. We’re only looking for donations from people who A) want to donate (it’s zero issue if you don’t, I promise), and B) have the means to do so comfortably. We’re just trying to get all the ducks in a row, keep things like website renewals on track and the like while living out of a hotel, and meet crazy things as they come up.

Thanks everyone! We’re okay, promise!

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