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⎇001JW Novel now available – Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect

The first Justice Wing novel is finally available in both Amazon Kindle and Print! This is Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect.

Content warning for the novel and description: this book contains adult language, allusions to and discussions of verbal abuse, and references (without description) to physical abuse of a child.

Dale Dodson, better known as Broadhead, was one of the very first successful prosahuman superheroes in the Justice Wing universe. The archetypical super-archer, Dodson brought not just an arsenal of trick arrows to bear against his foes, but a methodical mindset that reflected his priorities as an engineer: plan everything out, develop a prototype, produce based on results, and continually perfect the product and revise after release. This let Dodson protect Gateway City, Missouri and was effective enough that he became only the second person to be recruited to Justice Wing after their original formation, all the way back at the start of the Emergence era. Over time he collected an apprentice he called Quiver and the respect of his peers as both a trainer and as a hero… even though he was at best an asshole.

Decades later, ten years after the horrifying Apocalypse Agenda nearly destroyed not just the world but all of Actuality, Dale Dodson holds on by a thread. Having long since lost the respect of his peers, with his alliance with his former partner (now called Crosspointe, themself perhaps the best operative and hero of that next generation) acrimoniously broken and his contributions and legacy a failure, Broadhead uses willpower and black market super science to hold his aging body together. But, with a new super-archer called Darkhood on the scene and gaining popularity thanks to his being featured in an article written about a third tier villain named Leather – a villain Broadhead himself once almost accidentally killed in what should have been a routine arrest – Broadhead looks to a television program that debunks or verifies super-feats to validate what he’s claimed about Darkhood all along… only to see the very last person he’d ever expect to side with Darkhood show up to defend him. And all the while, Dale Dodson finds himself uncontrollably falling into deeper and deeper memory fugues, reliving the worst moments of his life and feeling his grip on reality slipping and his very life in danger.

Watch as Dale Dodson’s memories careen from the very dawn of the heroic age in Emergence, through the bright times when heroes were at their most beloved during Halcyon Days, into the horrors of the Apocalypse Agenda, and finally seemingly losing their last grip on themselves and on hope with Justice Wing In Nadir. Can Dale pull himself and survive? Or, like any other engineering project, does his planning, prototyping, production, and perfecting of Broadhead end like all product lines… with deprecation, and end-of-life.

In addition to Dale’s story, this is the story of City Thatcher, an orphan who survived from eight years of age through thirteen by themself on the streets of Gateway City with their tenacity and a hunting crossbow, living in a condemned tenament left barely standing after a super-battle raged through the neighborhood. Taken under Broadhead’s wing as an apprentice, City became the Junior Justice Winger called Quiver, later breaking away from Broadhead and becoming Crosspointe, the One Who Gets It Done… and the one who never, ever misses.

It’s also the story of the Goddess Freya, who was the second known super hero, reborn in mortal form to save the world never expecting to express in her full divine form, much less become one of the founders of Justice Wing and one of the greatest heroes the world had ever known… right up until she and her followers seemingly turned on Justice Wing and waged a destructive and horrible war across Europe as part of the Apocalypse Agenda.

It’s the story of Shillelagh, the young (some might even say plucky) Greystone City hero, who stood up and demanded to be taken seriously in the city where Nightstick and Cudgel were already patrolling the streets… and who martyred herself on national television, helping save the world from the Apocalypse Agenda in the process.

It’s the story of Falconer, a digital intellect and personality built to inhabit the Justice Wing Volaries – their various worldwide headquarters – but who was far more than an interactive computer program.

It’s the story of the Justice Wing Institute for Parahuman Research, created by Justice Wing and the Excelsiors to create a new kind of bridge between the prosahuman majority and the growing parahuman population during the bright Halcyon Days when heroes were at their most beloved… and the story of how and why it failed at that mission in the end.

And, naturally enough, it’s a story that contains the greatest heroes of their time going out for Karaoke.

Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect spans all four Justice Wing eras with never before seen details on the Justice Wing setting. This full length 130,000 word novel retails in trade paperback for $16.95 or as an eBook through Amazon Kindle for $6.99. For the next 90 days, it’s also available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers to read for no extra charge. Once that 90 exclusivity window closes, it will leave Kindle Unlimited but become available through other eBook sellers and for sale Banter Latte itself. It’s worth noting – there are no current plans to serialize this novel on Banter Latte.

I never expected Broadhead of all people to lead the first full novel spanning all four Justice Wing eras, but I’m really proud of the results. I hope you like it.

Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect is available now on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats. Check your local Amazon Store for local pricing and delivery options.

Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect is also available as a paperback novel, coming in at 483 pages! (Outside of the United Ststes please check your local Amazon Store for local pricing and faster delivery.

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5 thoughts on “⎇001JW Novel now available – Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect”

  1. Welp, already bought it because I’ve really liked the JW fiction.

    I’m sorry the say that the cover art kind of screams self-published. I assume that’s a limit of the Amazon Kindle publishing tools?

    Regardless, looking forward to curling up with it over the weekend, and sincere wished for success – at least partly because success increases the chances of getting more stuff!

    1. Negotiations were tense, but given Leather’s appearance in the book, we were able to negotiate an acceptable compromise. It did mean that she got the ‘and’ credit in the primary credits. (eg: “and Leather as Herself,”) whereas Freya got a ‘With’ credit, which leads to its own issues, especially since City gets their name ahead of the title.

      Also, Moriarty James keeps calling and demanding better placement in the credits. Which… means re-explaining to Ms. James that she isn’t in this book.

  2. So, I was watching an interesting video on Loki that points out that his characterization in the Prose Edda is that of the jerk-ass who uses his cleverness and trickery to solve problems, even if he wasn’t the one who created them, and who speaks truth to power, especially calling out the Aesir for not actually having the moral high ground (and getting imprisoned underground for it).

    …Just kinda made me wonder how both Freya and Broadhead would feel in a few hundred years when scholars assert “Oh, he’s just another aspect of Loki.”

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