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Weekends: The October Myth Call!

We're continuing the monthly tradition by soliciting the myths you want to see written. It's a lot like how on Mythbusters they solicit fan requests on the site, only on Mythbusters they solicit urban legends that the fans want to watch the team debunk while blowing things up and possibly being injured in the process,… Continue reading Weekends: The October Myth Call!


Weekends: Navigational!

I am in Ottawa this weekend, which doesn't stop you from sounding off! And here's the action topic! We're now in a situation where there are several multipart stories that are running here over Banter Lattes, no whip, with a shot of sugar free hazelnut. This includes some of the most popular stuff on the… Continue reading Weekends: Navigational!


Weekend: Environment! (Not about recycling or trees.)

Mrph. Not really awake in any sense of the word, but it's already the afternoon so I should be awake. So, we're back on inspiration, this week. Specifically, ambiance. When you're doing those things you do because you like to do things (write, paint, draw, Sudoku, whatever floats your boat and stimulates your mind), what… Continue reading Weekend: Environment! (Not about recycling or trees.)


Weekends: The August Myth Call!

Hey all! Sorry there was no weekend open mike last week. Nor yesterday, as I was working a 13 hour day on my day off. I know. You all feel just terrible for me, right? Well, I'm still working my way through the last open call for myth suggestions, but I enjoyed getting them so… Continue reading Weekends: The August Myth Call!


Weekend: Influential!

Still sick, still achy, still in Canada, and still keeping on keeping on. I hope you're all well and doing better than I am healthwise. (As for non-health? Hey, I'm with my fiancée. I'm golden. It's the weekend, and that means it's open mike day. And I thought today might be fun to discuss influences.… Continue reading Weekend: Influential!