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Weekends: The October Myth Call!

We're continuing the monthly tradition by soliciting the myths you want to see written. It's a lot like how on Mythbusters they solicit fan requests on the site, only on Mythbusters they solicit urban legends that the fans want to watch the team debunk while blowing things up and possibly being injured in the process,… Continue reading Weekends: The October Myth Call!


Weekends: The August Myth Call!

Hey all! Sorry there was no weekend open mike last week. Nor yesterday, as I was working a 13 hour day on my day off. I know. You all feel just terrible for me, right? Well, I'm still working my way through the last open call for myth suggestions, but I enjoyed getting them so… Continue reading Weekends: The August Myth Call!


Weekends: What Myths Do You Want To Hear About?

It's Week Two of our Open Mike Weekends! Today, our topic is mythology. Obviously, our Myths of the Modern World series has kicked off and even seems to be popular, which is cool. And as we've established, the myths generally explain the answers to 'why' something is. Often small things, as the big questions are… Continue reading Weekends: What Myths Do You Want To Hear About?