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From Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology

As the title says, this is my entry to mckenzee's Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology. The idea behind the book was simple enough. The prospective authors would go through the webcomic, find a strip that spoke to them, and write a short-short about it. mckenzee would then put them all together and self-publish through lulu. It was… Continue reading From Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology

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Hephaestus Fallen

So, this is one of those stories I can't believe I still have kicking around on my hard drive. For the record, this is a thirteen thousand word story, set wholly in my Imperial Space universe, with a Hotchkiss/Leopold drive and transitions and the Orgalins who confederated with Concordia in the war that's the centerpiece… Continue reading Hephaestus Fallen

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The Home Front: Diamond in the Rough

One of my favorite story drivers, bar none, is The Big Change. The Big Change is exactly what it sounds like. Something happens to change the world, change society, change the way things have always been done, and then everyone has to deal with it. Theftworld and Trigger Man both deal with the same Big… Continue reading The Home Front: Diamond in the Rough

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The Home Front: Spycracker and Torpedo

This is the second Home Front story, though it was the first I wrote. I hadn't submitted it to Greg at Mythic Heroes yet, mind, though I was going to eventually. The Home Front got its start, more directly than almost anything else I'm putting on here, in Superguy. Superguy, for those of you unfamiliar… Continue reading The Home Front: Spycracker and Torpedo

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The Home Front: My White Plume

This is a story that occupies a special place in my heart: it was my first full on professional publication. The magazine was called Mythic Heroes: The Serialized Superhero Prose Alternative, and in a lot of ways it was the first attempt of the Superguy authors to try and make a (very) small amount of… Continue reading The Home Front: My White Plume

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Dreamers (a fragment)

This is a story fragment -- one I wrote in the mid 1990's. I assume. It's in my style. It's in my files. It's definitely one of mine from the Kinko's years. And I have absolutely no memory of it. It's not impossible it was something I discussed with my friend Mason Kramer, or perhaps… Continue reading Dreamers (a fragment)

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Automotive Care

It's Storytelling day, and I have a short story for you all. This one is about a year old. I finished it and sent it off on the rounds to the usual suspects. No one nibbled, and I'm not sure I can blame them. But still, it's grist for the mill, right? This is fantasy… Continue reading Automotive Care

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Death is a Moving Target

Not too long ago, David Malki !, Ryan North and Matthew Bennardo put out a call of submissions for a new high concept short story collection called Machine of Death. The concept was simple. A machine had been invented that would give a simple, albeit mysterious, answer to the question "how am I going to… Continue reading Death is a Moving Target

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Calliope Jones and the Writer’s Cusp

It's Random Thursday yet again! It's time to elaborate on monday's myth a little. Well, really what we're doing is reprinting something I wrote in my Livejournal on my birthday back in 2005. Which actually requires a little backstory. Which seems weird, but there we are. I have the good fortune to have been born… Continue reading Calliope Jones and the Writer’s Cusp

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Antonio: The Calabite’s Song

It's storytelling day! And this is a bit different for it -- this is an In Nomine piece -- a bit of fan fiction. And who's to say I can't post some fan fiction now and again? It's long -- novella length, around twelve thousand words. Normally, I'd break it into more than one part… Continue reading Antonio: The Calabite’s Song

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On Call

Random day #2! Whoo hoo! Happy Thursday. This is a story I actually submitted to... hrm. Many, many magazines, back in the late nineties. Most were simply uninterested. One, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, was interested -- or so the rejection letter claimed -- but they'd bought a story with almost the same… Continue reading On Call

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Introduction and Coffee

This is the first post in the Mythology of the Modern World: an encyclopedia of things unseen in modern day society. Or "look, in today's society, the nymphs and sirens who once wielded allure and song to draw sailors to their doom have cell phones and the internet like all the rest of us do.… Continue reading Introduction and Coffee