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⎇001JW Justice Wing Music: “Niagara Nights” by Colton Pike

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As the world of Justice Wing fleshes out, some of the music native to that world needs to come with it. This is a song by the 'gloriously broken' Colton Pike off one of his earlier albums. It's called "Niagara Nights."


Poetry: Another Late Night

Sadly, it seems there'll be no Leather this week. Once again, there's just too much to be done, and by the time I get home I'm way too tired to consider writing. And so it'll be a poetic week instead. This is another poem written as a response to a painting from an Art History… Continue reading Poetry: Another Late Night


Poetry: Pippo Spano

This is late. I'm sick. Thursdays are random anyway, so what the heck. This is actually the first poem I ever published, in an issue of the Black Fly Review. It was written for an art history class where we had to select a specific painting and give a response. The example was a poem,… Continue reading Poetry: Pippo Spano


Two Poems from the 90’s

It's Thursday, and that means it's another Random day. Today, we're going to have a couple of poems I wrote in the 90's. The first is called "Gypsy Bell," written in Fort Kent, Maine, during the initial love affair I had with poetry. The second is called "Calliope and I" and was written in Seattle,… Continue reading Two Poems from the 90’s