Amulet (Emergence and Halcyon Days)


Before the Apocalypse Agenda

Amulet, the second of the so-called “Junior Justice Wingers” after Cudgel (the original — now going by Truncheon). The junior partner and sidekick to Justice Wing charter member Freya — Amulet’s accent is believed to be Greek.
Amulet, former sidekick to Freya

Amulet is incredibly durable and significantly stronger than human normal. She possesses a magical energy which she can shape to many different effects, emanating from the rough bronze six point star shaped amulet literally embedded in her chest. This power gives her significant range, though in combat it usually is directed in very basic ways.

Amulet, in addition to being one of the Junior Justice Wingers alongside the former Cudgel, former Quiver (now called Crosspointe), Selkie, Kelpie, Shillelagh, Paragirl, and others, has become a senior charter student at Justice Wing Institute for Parahuman Studies in Gratham, Massachusetts, both putting a final polish on her own preparation as a solo hero and helping a group of new parahumans learn to serve and protect society with their gifts.

Amulet, Paragirl, and Shillelagh are well known to be best friends, and were often seen in each others’ cities before they all relocated to Grantham.

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