Amulet (post-Apocalypse Agenda)

After the Apocalypse Agenda

Amulet, former sidekick to Freya

A former heroine associated with Freya. Like the deceased Norse Goddess, Amulet became part of Freya’s European movement and was considered the goddess’s right hand during the darkest moments of the former Justice Wing hero’s crusade. At a crucial moment she was captured by former friends Paragirl, Crosspointe, Centurion, and Truncheon, who brought her back to America.

After the deceptions and manipulations of Urizen and his minions came to light, Amulet joined her erstwhile classmates and teammates in launching their assault on the Apocalypse Engine in the Joseph River Valley. As with many other former Gratham Institute students, Amulet was badly injured during the assault, but was instrumental in making it possible for the second Beacon and Snapshot to make their final attack, stopping Urizen and saving Earth and — it is said, all of reality. She is commemorated in the Guardians of Actuality memorial on Windcrest Hill overlooking the Joseph River’s headwaters in New York State.

Following the Apocalypse Agenda and her recover, Amulet escaped from custody. Over the next several years the former student of Freya laid low, until she began to appear as a mercenary for hire, working for villains like Beguile, Lady Violet, and Professor Omicron. At this time she is generally regarded at the third tier of villainy, though Justice Wing places a disproportionate priority on capturing the ‘traitor.’

Amulet is nigh indestructible, much stronger than human normal, and one of the more versatile and powerful magi publicly known to be active.

It is believed Amulet was present when Shillelagh and Ohm were killed. She was already injured and out of action when Paragirl died.

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