1 – Justice Wing: Emergence through Halcyon Days

The Cast List from Emergence through Halcyon Days:

The stories are listed chronologically by event, not publication.

This is a work in progress.


  • Akane: Technically Asteroid (do9541) Akane. Just shy of sixteen kilometers in diameter. Never meant to kill all human life. Apparently going to anyhow.
  • Barbara Babcock: One half of Babcock and Porter, Incorporated — the two best reporters at the Crown City Chronicle. Never met a comb she cared for. The grace and charm of grapeshot through plate glass. She will find the truth. Neurologically incapable of avoiding risk.
  • Astrid Bixby: Warrior for peace. Jouster with bureaucracy. Dreams of rainbow bridges and falcon wings. Daughter of Air Force Royalty, lawyer with impressive credentials, newcomer to the Eirene Institute.
  • Carlotti: Crime chairman of Crown City.
  • Cindy Calloway: Nocturnal ichthyologist smelted out of attitude. Apartment-mate of Chad Keillor, her ex boyfriend before she figured a few things out. Still his best friend. Thinks he’s going to be dissected. Still willing to use him for decent pizza delivery.
  • Cordelia Chance: Right hand to Lucas. Beautiful, like a cobra made of rubies. The best at everything until she met her current boss. Believes.
  • Esmerelda Garcia-Montreal: Widowed matriarch of the Greystone Montreals. Lives in her dark tower and waits for the day to arrive.
  • Lynette Hardesty: Captain in the Air Force Reserve, speaker to circuits, agent of Operation Tangent Swan. Here to protect, then serve, then help, in that order.
  • Bernadette Jonson: Known as ‘Bernie’ to her friends, which you are not. Known as ‘da Boss’ to the staff of the Crown City Chronicle. Legendary, Herrington Award winning reporter and editor, now Editor in Chief. Is not impressed by you. Will make an impression on you.
  • Amana Juma: Archeologist, specializing in Mayan cultures. Unearther of secrets. Knows when to call for help.
  • Chad Keillor: Professional fact checker for the Crown City Chronicle. Has a Masters of Library Science and is unafraid to use it. Extradimensional refugee from another universe. A friend.
  • Leonardo Lucas: The epitome of human evolution — what it’s all been leading up to. Just ask, he’ll tell you. Scientist, gourmet, megalomaniac. Working on preventing the destruction of the planet Earth. Technically also responsible for the aforementioned destruction.
  • Sophia Montreal: Most eligible bachelorette in the old money set of Greystone City. Most pursued prize of all the jewels in Greystone’s sky. Entirely uninterested in being won. Happy to play you like a mandolin. Always has a Plan B. Always.
  • Teddy Porter: One half of Babcock and Porter, Incorporated — the two best reporters at the Crown City Chronicle. So stylish it hurts to look directly at him. So friendly you never notice you just admitted it all. Somehow still a total nerd, in all the good ways. Never gives up the trail.
  • Taë: An of the Vril-ya. Quite old to be this young. Doesn’t care for metaphor. On the surface for reasons unknown. Works for Operation Tangent Swan.
  • Lillian Tartikoff: Senior agent of Tangent Swan. Has her eyes on everything. Has a knack for knowing. Has a number of secrets of her own. Dislikes chocolate intensely.
  • Mason Temple: Tinkerer, engineer, genius, so far ahead of the game his playing it at all counts as retro. Arclight Tech’s secret weapon. Doesn’t consider himself special.

Halcyon Days

  • Amulet: Junior partner to the Goddess Freya. Powerful pounding prestidigitator. Junior Justice Winger from before it was cool. Hangs with Paragirl and Shillelagh like it’s no thing. Always a tiny bit out of sync.
  • The Beacon: The Light House Lass. Converts herself to energy and light. Leads Justice Wing. Wants to be fast enough to have a life as well as a job and a duty.
  • Broadhead: Deadpan Deadeye. Archer unparalleled. Not the most serious person. Ready to give it his all. Uncertain a guy with pointed sticks should be doing this. Member of Justice Wing.
  • The Centurion: Mason Temple, architect of the new Millennium. You’re probably using his tech, even if you don’t think you are. Bearer, wearer, and hearer of the Codex Singularity, repository of knowledge from an ancient alien dominion. Probably uncomfortable right now.
  • Cudgel: Newest Junior Partner of Nightstick. The new Kid Combatant, living up to his cool predecessor. Brand new, sporting an old name. Juniormost Junior Justice Winger. Idolizes Truncheon and Shillelagh. Resents spending time with them. Fifteen. Go figure.
  • Freya: Actual Norse Goddess.
  • Greyfalcon: Two fisted fighter in a metal-feathered suit.
  • Nightstick: Strong arm of the law. The Greystone Guardian. Leading Greystone City out of darkness and into the light. Patron, foster parent, friend. Trained Truncheon and Shillelagh. Training Cudgel. Has a sweet ride.
  • Paragirl: Younger sister of Paragon, but not from a Dead Civilization. The Mightiest Maiden. The Evergreen City Exemplar. Not sure anyone could live up to her name, but darn sure she’s going to try. Hangs with Amulet and Shillelagh. A Junior Justice Winger. A friend.
  • Paragon: The Last Prince of a Dead Civilization. The Diamond Hard Man. The Crown City Champion. Maybe the most powerful. Definitely the first. A friend.
  • Selkie: Junior partner to the Ancient Mariner. Seal-skinned siren of the seas. Slippery even when dry. Uncertain as to this ‘air’ thing. Junior Justice Winger. Sometimes smells brackish.
  • Splitsecond: Junior partner to the Beacon. Swift sentinel of swat. Younger than comfortable. Lives between ticks of the clock. Sick of Mach 3 — wants to try for some real speed. A Junior Justice Winger.
  • Truncheon: Original junior partner to Nightstick. Was Cudgel before Cudgel was cool. Makes everything look easy, from a fighting kata to making the hard choices. Led the Junior Justice Wingers because who else could? Gets most of the magazine covers.