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⎇001JW Art: Crosspointe

Crosspointe of Justice Wing

The hero called Crosspointe started off as the sidekick to Justice Wing’s acerbic archer Broadhead during the Emergence era. "Broadhead and Quiver" were an effective team, though Broadhead’s typical attitude grated on the young hero. Broadhead typically left Quiver at home, but they typically snuck out to follow. By the time of Halcyon Days, Quiver had become Crosspointe — the one who never misses. Crosspointe carries a comprehensive kit, as advanced in technology as can be found, but primarily uses two magnetic railgun style launchers on their gauntlets — generally these are referred to as railgauntlets or mag-bows.

Crosspointe, like Broadhead before, is considered Justice Wing’s best solo operative. It’s said that Crosspointe always has another backup plan — and though the general public hasn’t paid a huge amount of attention (Crosspointe is generally considered third tier most days), the villains of the world consider neutralizing Crosspointe one of the most important first moves to be made in a fight with Justice Wing. As Miss Mesmer once said:

Fight Crosspointe? Please. Give me the Beacon. Give me the Nightwatch. Give me Broadhead or the Centurion. Give me Paragon! But keep that freaking psycho away from me!

Crosspointe, when asked about Miss Mesmer’s comments, reportedly said:

…oh I remember her! Terrible hair. She needs to stop stealing money and start stealing decent conditioner.

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