Interviewing Trey

Story in Progress! In this sequel to Interviewing Leather, rock journalist Todd Chapman has become better known for being a supervillain (and superhero) journalist. After the successful publication of his article “Interviewing Leather” in Amplifer magazine, Chapman traveled the country, talking to third and fourth tier villains and the heroes associated with them — the results becoming his book Low Society, which has given him some notoriety and opportunities.

Those opportunities turn dark when his interview subject is murdered and he is kidnapped by the first tier supervillain — and murderously insane — Jack O’Knaves. The Jack claims he wants a book written, and he’s beyond willing to kill to get it. Foisted on one of the Jack’s assistants — a Hench and ex-dancer called Trey, for the Three of Hearts — Chapman finds himself deep within the illicit Dispater’s Casino. Caught between the opportunity to learn how a psychopathic showman can afford all his tricks and traps… the chance to learn why men and women are willing to serve him unto death, and the razor-thin tightrope of survival, Chapman has never followed a more important story.

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