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The May Banter Latte/Patreon Roundup!


That’s… possibly all the ‘cowboy’ I know. Just for the record.

Hello everybody! This is your old pal Eric Burns-White, here to talk about the month of May that just passed and the month of June that’s coming up, rounding up where we’ve been and charting a course for where we’re going, both here on Banter Latte and up on the Patreon. And… for that matter, the free, Patreon-First, and Patreon-Exclusive content that’s actually right here on Banter Latte!

This past month, a number of upgrades to the infrastructure and behind the scenes here at Banter Latte and at the Demiurgency proper finally got completed, allowing for Patreon integration and greatly enhanced publishing options here on the site. That’s also given us the chance to spin up content here, and begin the three stage process of:

  • Revising and Publishing Content Here on the Site
  • Increase Patreon Rewards and Encourage New Patrons Without Shafting Everyone Else
  • Lining up eBook publication in all the usual places.

The second stage, for the record, is huge. Right now we’re having to do a lot of adjusting and balancing of expenses thanks to the continuing International Covid-19 pandemic. It’s having an impact both on money coming in and on the cost of things we spend that money on. For quite a while I’ve had the luxury to let the Patreon grow in its own time and way, but now things are tighter. By increasing the content available here on Banter Latte and the rewards available to patrons, I’m hoping to get a lot more patrons to chip in — even a dollar a month makes a huge difference as the scale increases.

That’s been one of the things I’ve been really pleased about with the Banter Latte upgrade and revival. As content has begun coming out far more regularly, so too have site visits — not just to the new content, but to legacy content that’s out there. And, we’ve started to see some increases in patronage, and… I’m just humbly grateful to you all.

And like I said, it’s working — we’re within three patrons of hitting our next Goal — and with that comes new Mythology of the Modern World posts each month. I’m happy to see that some of the old myths continue to get regular readers (especially “Dog Reincarnation.” Why “Dog Reincarnation?” I have no idea, but there it is). I’d really like to get back into that cycle — there are sides of my brain that haven’t been used in way too long.

And if you’d like to show support but don’t want to pledge through Patreon, remember you can always buy me a cup of coffee through Ko-Fi or Paypal me directly if you’d prefer! And if you’re not ready for that but want to read the content here on Banter Latte, that’s cool too! It’s here to be read, after all!

Banter Latte Roundup

In May, we had:

  • Interviewing Trey #20 finally emerging!
  • The Banter Latte launch of the Interviewing Leather anthology, in preparation of publication in all the right places. This most notably includes:
    • The launch of Interviewing Leather Revised — the revised, in-continuity with and optimized for Justice Wing update of the original Interviewing Leather novella. Still in progress, updating Tuesdays and Thursdays!
  • The introduction of Becoming Leather — the second Leather anthology, including:
    • Becoming Leather: Greenhorn released in its entirety! That series is complete and available for free reading right here on Banter Latte! It was well received — I think a good number of people are glad to see Leather coming back in a big way.
    • Becoming Leather: Sports One Coverage of the Olympic Trials in Gymnastics — a transcript of part of the Olympic Trials, where Gymnastics America hosts the best elite gymnasts in America in their quest for gold at the New Zealand Olympic Games (in, admittedly, the Justice Wing universe), as well as a human interest segment on young Eve Shapiro — a dark horse in the Trials, who’s had to work harder and endure more than almost any young Gymnast competing that day, as she prepares for her specialty: the vault… and her destiny!
  • Almost forgot! A new Justice Wing Vignette:
  • New content in Justice Wing Halcyon Days — story of the Justice Wing universe during the brightest period for super heroes, most notably:
    • Justice Wing Halcyon Days: Motivation In the wake of the brutal murder of the Artifact’s ‘ladyfriend’ Julia Kelly, Julia’s sister Emily and Julia’s fiancé Landon have to tie up the loose ends of her life, even though the world shows no interest in Julia’s life but instead focuses on what motivation the Artifact will take from her death. An ongoing serial being posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!
  • Patreon Exclusive Worldbuilding and Notes posts going into depth and detail on the stories being published on Banter Latte, with Worldbuilding and Notes being given for several Greenhorn posts, the Sports One transcript, and more!
  • Patreon Exclusive [Greenhorn Deleted Scenes]( Exclusive Greenhorn Deleted Scenes) — like DVD extras, only for… um… novellas!

Not bad, huh? Bear in mind — we relaunched halfway through the month of May, so that’s a lot of content with hopefully more on the way!

This upcoming month on Banter Latte, we’re aiming for:

  • The rest of Interviewing Leather Revised!
  • The Banter Latte premiere of Interviewing Leather: Being The Steve!
  • The conclusion of Justice Wing Halcyon Days: Motivation!
  • New chapters (Patreon-first, then open to all) of Interviewing Trey!
  • More Justice Wing stories from other eras!
  • More Patreon Exclusive Worldbuilding and Notes posts, deleted scenes, and other special bits of fun!
  • The launch of new Cast Pages (and with luck, the Banter Latte Wiki!)
  • And… more…? We will see, won’t we?

May was great, and June looks like it’ll be better. This is a great time to jump on board the Patreon if you want, and a great time to keep up with Banter Latte!

Thanks all, and have fun!

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