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Patreon Exclusive: Greenhorn Deleted Scenes

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Exclusively for Patreon subscribers at the $5 or higher levels – deleted scenes from Greenhorn. Leather and her public defender, Leather and Anchor talking in the jail exercise yard, and Leather, Boatswain, and other villains interact, right up to and including violently. From the cutting room floor to your browser!

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1 thought on “Patreon Exclusive: Greenhorn Deleted Scenes”

  1. For the record? I think Mandy Shapiro maybe could have gotten Leather to reconsider things. Or at least actually remain in the system long enough for Mandy to get her off the hook for the federal charges as opposed to simply breaking jail in a week or so.

    Horne really needs to get better at reading a room. I mean, I get that this probably isn’t the only case he has to deal with today, let alone this week, but he really should have gone with it after his client corrected him once. He didn’t really have a chance there, but he might with the next person, if he pays better attention.

    But, yeah, you’re right. Hensly was exactly who Leather wanted to meet right then. “Saving” Leather isn’t really on the table right then. If Mandy had a chance to get her away from Anchor and work on her for a couple of weeks, maybe find her legal guardian to come down and chat…. maybe. But, Leather hasn’t hit bottom yet. She’s still having fun. I don’t think she’s “savable” until the fun train stops.

    Speaking as someone who enjoys solitude, I’d been thinking of Solitary as kind of nice. I think I get the point of it now though. I start to get a bit weird with no human contact at all after several days, and I have plenty of stimulation in the mean time. Losing both of those for an extended period….. Yeah. That’s….bad.

    I do actually wonder what Leather’s standards are. I mean, I know she enjoys the attention, but… I dunno, as of Diverged in a Wood, I don’t think she’s really even gone on a date, let alone had sex. Well, unless you consider a punch up with a superhero a date, which she might.

    There’s an alternate universe out there where Eve Shapiro is a successful fantasy author, isn’t there?

    …..Huh. I wonder if that’s actually it. He’s a genetically engineered lifeform, designed to be perfectly adapted to the ocean. As far as we know, he’s unique. And, unlike Namor and Aquaman, your universe doesn’t seem to have an entire underwater civilization of mer-people.* I don’t know his history, but, even if he could have gone to “be where the people are,”** being on land isn’t comfortable for him so he’d naturally feel at least some degree of kinship with the sharks and the dolphins and everything. Getting rid of us and everything terrible we do to the ocean and, to a greater extent, the oppression we do to other animals, so they can all become “people?” …Yeah, I think I can see why he’d want that.

    She really wasn’t kidding about Serrate cutting her throat.

    Hmmmm… I dunno. I think you could play this as a prepared Leather getting a few lucky shots in at some established but unprepared supervillains, before the guards and Boatswain step in to prevent them mopping the floor with her with fairly minimal rewrites. Which would help establish the whole “Leather has potential and talent, but needs training and experience” thing you’re going for.

    Yeah, I do like all these bits, but….they don’t belong in that story. Possibly you could re-cut them a bit and stick them in the book as “Leather goes to Prison” and do a strikethrough on the last word and scribble “Jail” next to it (feel free to use that as the title, if you do), but they distract a bit too much from Greenhorn to really fit in well.

    *Which, honestly, if there was an entire underwater civilization of mer-people with superior magitech, they’d have crushed the surface world once we crossed whatever the line we didn’t know existed was. I’m betting that’d be shortly after we invented plastic at the latest, but whaling, over-fishing, and dumping random stuff in the ocean goes back millennia, any of which could have set them off. So, ya know, not having a civilization like that is entirely fair.

    ** I’m willing to bet that quoting the Disney movie in front of him would come back to bite the person eventually. Or quickly. Depends on where Malie is.

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