Interviewing Leather

Complete Story! This is the story of Todd Chapman, a somewhat burned out writer for Amplifier magazine in a world where caped heroes fight dastardly villains on an everyday basis. His editor has gotten a chance to land an interview with a third string supervillain named Leather — a perfect subject for a rock magazine. She’s edgy, attractive in a punk rock/Suicidegirls kind of way, camera friendly and an intriguing subject. Todd’s the guy who drew the assignment.

Todd gets a look into the world of supervillains from the inside — how exactly does crime pay? Where do the henchmen come from? How do villains travel from one city to another? Why would someone decide to become a supervillain in the first place? In the process, he learns something about what goes into a C-List Supervillain… and maybe what goes into a midlist music reporter, too.

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