4.4 Guardians of Actuality

The Guardians of Actuality were never a group except as a memorial. When the Apocalypse Agenda threatened to destroy all of reality, the youngest of heroes stopped them at terrible cost.

  • Amulet: Treasonous thaumaturge. Sidekick-turned-hero-turned villain. Former protege of Freya. Former Junior Justice Winger. Third tier mercenary.
  • The Beacon: Former partner to the original Beacon under the name Splitsecond. Heir to the mantle. Justice Wing Member. Field Commander of Justice Wing. Protector of Paramount City.
  • The Centurion: Iconic intuitive. Former protege of the original Centurion under the name Signifer. Heir to the Codex Singularity. Protector of Los Bendiciones.
  • Kelpie: Seahorse Soldier. Former protege of the Ancient Mariner. Steed forced into charioteer. Former Junior Justice Winger.
  • Ohm: Former student at the Justice Wing Institute. Magnetic master. Impolite Canadian. Survivor until he wasn’t. Requiescat in pace.
  • Paragirl: Sister to the greatest hero of all time. Mightiest maiden. Former Junior Justice Winger. Requiescat in pace.
  • Phalanx: Former boy genius technologist. Smug cybernaut. In retirement.
  • Selkie: Seal-skinned siren of the seas. Former sidekick to the Ancient Mariner. Former Junior Justice Winger. Member of Justice Wing. Protector of the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Shillelagh: Former annoyance to and later protege of Nightstick. Total genius, totally reckless. Requiescat in pace.
  • Snapshot: Former student at the Justice Wing Institute. Living Mnemonic. Savior of all reality. Unwilling retiree.
  • Truncheon: The first Cudgel. Former partner and protege of Nightstick. Former teen hero of Greystone City. Former unofficial leader of the Junior Justice Wingers. Protector of Steeltown.
  • Vortex Ortega: Bioengineered construct, made to be the key to the Apocalypse Agenda. Creation of Urizen. Professor of Mathematics. Sister to Snapshot. Justice Wing Member. Protector of Meridian City.