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Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Greenhorn #4

Below is a sneak peek of this content!

The Patreon Exclusive Notes and Worldbuilding returns, bringing us to Greenhorn #4. Spoilers for that, “Diverged in a Wood,” “Forebears,” and some other stuff so be warned.

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7 thoughts on “Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Greenhorn #4”

  1. Serrate doesn’t count because 1) she doesn’t hog the spotlight and 2) she will totally murder you if you mess with her. Leather does appear to have more survival instincts than Todd. But then that’s a pretty low bar.

    I wonder if knowing that Broadhead almost accidentally killed her might have had an effect on Leather, given the events that occur at the end of her interview.

    The champion of Themis? Very interesting. …..Though…..hmmmm….. It feels weird to imagine that a “Divine Blessing” would produce potentially fatal hormone imbalances and similar things. At least, not while the divine being is satisfied with your behavior anyway.

    Though, I suppose I can buy a greek goddess giving powers that have planned obsolescence built into them. I mean, if you can’t rescind your blessing, having it kill your champion in a decade or two is enough of a safety switch, right? They might do stuff you don’t like after all.

    Alternately, maybe using up your remaining lifespan is a “fair” trade for phenomenal cosmic power?

    But yeah, with all that going on with her mother (and who knows what going on with her dad), I’m sure Leather understands her powers perfectly well and this won’t ever come back to bite her in the ass.

    1. Hey, if your Championship of Themis powers go on the fritz, it’s not like Themis operates 24 hour garages you can pull into to get them checked out. Themis works through a champion because she doesn’t have direct access to the world.

      Of course… Antonym learned this from Freya, who seemed to have lots of direct access to the world, but then we really need to get the rules for full divinity incarnation established.

      1. What that says to me is that, before accepting a Divine Blessing, you need to check the fine print of the Maintenance and Service contract, just to find out what the Warranty covers and everything. I’m sure the Svartálfar have some kind of standing repair contract for divine artifacts that could be used as a model.

  2. Also, nice to see that Plet is, in fact, a fucking professional too.

    In some ways it’s really weird to consider how supervillainy is “just a job” in your world. At least for some people. And, even if it’s a “calling” or a “lifestyle” well, that just means you should work even harder to be “professional” right?

    And…. I dunno. I know criminals can be professional. But you just really don’t think of Supervillains being professional. But I guess that’s part of what separates the Jack from your garden variety narcissistic sociopath. The Jack can be a fucking professional when the situation warrants it (probably).

    1. The Jack is insane and evil… but he is always professional. It’s just a good idea to make certain your idea of what his profession actually is matches his idea.

      You can tell the ‘professional’ villains pretty easily. Anchor, Beguile, and Calhoun are professionals. Malie’s a professional but has impulse control issues. Bandolier, Boatswain, and Eldernight are all professionals. Incendijoe, Refraction, and to a lesser extent Serrate fall down on this criterion a lot.

  3. You’ve added enough stuff to the fight and aftermath that I almost wonder if a version of this story from, say, Thunder Lass’s or Greyfalcon’s point of view might be warranted? I’m not 100% sure, because, while I do like the behind the scenes stories you do, there really wasn’t anyone with a good enough view at every point across the entire story to allow it to be from just one view point.

    Possibly some kind of intertwined thing where you’re showing things from Broadhead’s, Greyfalcon’s, Thunder Lass’s, and Multiplette’s points of view? That might get a bit incoherent however and you’ve listed the most pertinent details here so… I dunno.

    Regardless, I do hope you’ll let us know what kind of disciplinary action/chewing out Broadhead is up for after this whole thing in the notes on the next section.

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