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Let’s Gather Some Audience Information™!

Hey all! It’s poll time!

This is not “what Eric is working on next.” Eric’s writing a myth and editing a poem, then getting a datasheet out next. However, we’ve had a block of Banter Latte content come out over the course of Folio #1, and as we move into Folio #2 and beyond I want a good sense of what people are most anxious for, so I can plan accordingly.

So, this is a survey that will run for ‘one week’ by Polldaddy’s rules. And it’s simple enough: I’d like you all to check off what Banter Latte content you’re looking forward to.

Unlike most of my polls, this won’t include an “I don’t care” checkbox. If you don’t care about any of these things, then don’t check any of them off. I’m not limiting the number of things you can check off, either — some folks are looking forward to everything. Others are looking forward to specific things and not looking forward to other things. This’ll help me gauge expectations and plan accordingly.

This also doesn’t include non-Banter Latte content at all — so, no Justice Wing content beyond the Serials running on Banter Latte or the like. If you’re looking forward to “Being the Steve,” I’m thrilled because it’s a lot of fun to write, so far — but that’s not what this poll is for. 😉

Note that “Corbett-877” is currently not on the docket. Until the next Corbett works the way I want it to, Liam’s on the DL. I’m hopeful for Folio #2, but I’m not going to force a story I want people to like.

If you get a chance, mark stuff off. Thanks!

(Note this same poll’s running on the Patreon for Patreon subscribers. Feel free to vote in both if you’re a patron, but if you only vote in one I’d say vote over there.)

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