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Patreon Folio #1 Progress Report

So! It makes sense to keep everyone up to date with Folio #1! Both where everything’s as expected and where we’re course-correcting!

Wordcount: 40,000 words minimum + Myth bonus. Currently: 52,500. “Cannon’s” first beta went very long, which I’m personally fine with. I’m going to still fill out the rest of the Folio.

Bystander Level: Completed: Interviewing Leather #1 edit pass, Concept Art for Leather Heavy Combat and Dynamo Girl Uniform #1. Still to Come: Altiversal Code System, Interviewing Leather edit pass #2-5, 000SUPERGUY explanation and Cast List #1, Poetry, John Stark Comic

Bystanders are waiting for quite a bit — but fortunately a good amount of the stuff we’ve done has gone out broadly. This I could probably bang out in two days, all told, but I want to get some of the more elaborate stuff finished first.

Thrillseeker Level: Completed: Dynamo Girl Short Story (became a Novella — “Like a Shot from a Cannon”), Banter Latte: Lovelace½ #14. Course Correction: “Being the Steve” deferred to a later Folio, replaced with “Diverged in a Wood” currently in progress. Still to Come: “Debriefing Leather,” Pinup-Leather’s Monologue uniform, Concept Art Dynamo Girl Uniform #2, Interviewing Leather cover art, Debriefing Leather wallpaper, Banter Latte: Corbett-77, Interviewing Trey, Mythology of the Modern World

“Being the Steve” will still happen — just not in Folio #1. “Diverged in a Wood” kind of clubbed me over the head and demanded writing, so I’m writing it — it’s also scheduled for the Leather anthology. That should be out in a day or two, followed by one of the Banter Lattes hopefully by Friday.

Intrepid Reporter Level: Still to Come: Ninespace Explanation Backstory, In-Universe Reactions to “Interviewing Leather,” Hench Guild Handbook #1, Factsheets for Dynamo Girl and Leather.

Reporters have been patiently waiting. The Ninespace explanation’s largely done and I’ve got several of the Reactions written. (“Diverged in a Wood” started as a reaction and became a full on story). The Hench Guild Handbook’s probably the lowest priority on my list.

Hench Level: Nothing’s going to be owed here until publication of Lovelace or the Anthology.

Cognoscenti Level: One poll sent out, along with a myth solicit.

So, all told there’s plenty left to go in Folio #1, but a lot’s gone out. I may need to tweak levels for Folio #2 — everyone’ll have a chance to decide if they’re into any changes, of course, and either way Folio #1’s going to have the promised bits. Well, with one story substitution.

As always, thank you for your support.

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