It’s Labor Day in America! Also, Open Myth Call for the Autumn!

As I wrote above, it’s labor day in America, which I’m actually spending working on my day job — it’s September, or as we call it in Academia, “the Apocalypse.”

So, in celebration of this day of rest, Corbett-877 is taking the day. He may show up later in the week, mind. I rather like this episode. But as long weekends often mean lower readership on Mondays anyhow, we may as well hold off a touch.

For those who do show up today, however, I’ll happily throw open the floor for the Autumnal Open Myth Call! If you’ve got questions that need mythological answers, this would be a lovely time to hear about them! Otherwise, if you’re in a place that celebrates Labor Day I hope you have it off, and if you’re not or you don’t… well, I hope your Monday’s going great anyway!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Labor Day in America! Also, Open Myth Call for the Autumn!”

  1. I had a question from waaaaay back when. I’m fuzzy on the details now though. Something about is roadkill sacrifice and is swearing prayer?

  2. Are the Spirits of Radio behind the current trend in stations like Jack FM or Alice FM, where the station has a name but no on-air human personalities (just prerecorded bumpers)? Or are these stations an assault on the Spirits of Radio and their partnership with human DJs?

  3. I would really appreciate a college-centric myth… Something about the unique subculture that develops on campus. On a potentially unrelated note, what is the deal with sleep cycles?

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