Admin: Putting Together a Miss (after the fact)

So I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be Interviewing Trey #11 sitting here, but I’m not seeing it on the site.

Including in the background fiddly-bits.

Did I dream queuing it to appear?

I’m going to dig into this a bit. While I’m doing that, I’ll figure out if I want to run it anyway, since… well, Interviewing Trey! Or if it’s a bit late in the day for it, in which case I’ll queue it for a special Tuesday Edition, then have #12 come out next Friday as normal.


Apologies for the delays, action heroes (and villains)!

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3 thoughts on “Admin: Putting Together a Miss (after the fact)”

  1. Interestingly enough, it’s Tuesday afternoon and there’s still no sign of the update. I just hope that the Jack of Knaves isn’t upset with you, Eric.

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