The New Summer Schedule!

I know — it always seems like we frontload this stuff in an orgy of posting. Well, I promise you all that’s not actually happening. What is happening is a flurry of administrative tasks and getting the full system underway. Posting yesterday’s myth was as much a test of the revised system as it was a cheerful rumination on the fabulous Time Zeppelin I will not have full access to until the end of this incarnation and the beginning of the next.

As of today? We start the new Summer Schedule.

Banter Latte will be organized around a pretty simple schedule. Three days a week you’ll get content. The rest of the time… well, stuff may show up, and it may not. We’ll see what happens.

Here’s the schedule as we currently see fit to give it to you:

  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: A return to these, the modern myths that explain the world around us, without such trivialities of science. Unless science helps, of course.
  • Wednesday: Fiction: Stories of various lengths, including serials — first up is Lovelace 1/2, the story of a young teenager named Andi, who’s discovering that neither she nor the world she lives in are what she’s been raised to believe.
  • Friday: Justice Wing: The stories of a fictional universe where superheroes are real, and sometimes surprisingly mundane. Up first: Interviewing Trey, the sequel to Interviewing Leather.
  • Weekends: Weekends won’t usually be a time for content, but that is where we’ll have the open call for questions to be answered in the Mythology.

Other stuff, like I said, may show up on Tuesdays or Thursdays — I have some poetry I’d like to throw up now and again, for example — but no promises. Regardless, the idea is at most there will be just one piece of creative content per day, and obviously not every day. So, no danger of overwhelming browsers with sheer content.

See? I can be trained.

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2 thoughts on “The New Summer Schedule!”

  1. I figured I ought to leave this comment here, since it is an “admin” comment.

    You may wish to change or add the new Websnark link to Tumblr. You might also consider updating links in general, for that.

    Thank you, and it’s a pleasure reading your work.

    1. Oh God, I need to update that whole blogroll. It’s been a lower priority but there are so many people whose stuff I read who should be on that list and aren’t.

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